Enchanted Trident in Minecraft: The Thor’s Hammer

If you are here to know about the trident in Minecraft, then you are in the right place. Here are all the details by our experts.

Trident in Minecraft
Enchanted Trident in Minecraft

The Trident is the Most Powerful and the rarest Weapon in Minecraft. It takes guts and skills to acquire the Trident. However, whosoever has the Enchanted Trident in Minecraft. He is the God, well not the actual god. But, The player that holds the trident has the Ultimate Control.

Well, that is true to some extent. Imagine having the power to travel in water, Striking lighting on someone when you want, and Getting it back like Thor’s Hammer. All these things may sound like something from fiction or movies. But let me tell you that it happens in Minecraft only.

Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer

What is a Trident in Minecraft?

A trident in Minecraft is a weapon. It is in deep water bodies and oceans or seas. The trident is like the ultimate weapon. It deals so much damage and has so many cool uses after you enchant it.

How to get the Enchanted Trident in Minecraft?

The trident is yielded by the drowns. They have the trident in their hand. You can find the drown in rivers, Seas, Oceans, and ponds in Minecraft. The trident can be your if the drown drop one.

And let us tell you that it is really hard to get the trident in Minecraft. Why is that, you wonder? It is because the chances of a drown dropping a trident are really low. So low that it might take 300 drowns to get one trident.

Best Enchants of the Trident in Minecraft:-

Since trident is alone very powerful. The enchants can totally change the game. The enchants applied on the Trident in Minecraft have the capability to provide various uses to the Trident. And let us be honest with you, It becomes way cooler when you enchant the Trident. But what are the best enchants, you wonder:-

  1. Mending: The first enchantment in Minecraft that you want to apply to your trident is the Mending one. Mending will prevent your trident from getting destroyed.
  2. Impaling: This Enhant will increase the damage that will be done by your Trident. It has different levels of enchantments. And it goes all the way to level 5 or V.
  3. Loyalty: Now we are moving to the cooler enchants. And this is one of them. Remember that we mentioned above that you can use your trident as Thor’s Hammer. Well, you can apply this enchant and your trident will come back to your after you throw it and it hits something.
  4. Channeling: Herer is another one enchant to make trident as Thor’s hammer. This enchant will allow your trident in Minecraft to strike Lightning on Something when you hit them with it. But it will only work during Thunderstorms.
  5. Riptide: This is the last enchant to fully convert your trident into Thor’s Hammer. This enchantment will allow you to fly in rain or when you are in the water.

Note:- Just remember that you can not apply the 3rd and 4th enchantment with the 5th one, simultaneously.

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