100T vs Geng Valorant NA LCQ: Match Results And Match Report

Know all the details about 100T vs Geng esports match

100t vs Geng Valorant
100 Thieves Valorant Roster

100t vs Geng Valorant: Valorant Champions Tour Masters participants 100 Thieves started their LCQ campaign in style as they defeated Geng esports in the very first match. On the same day, 100T defeated XSET esports later on and made their way into the Upper final.

Now, 100T are just one match away to reach the grand finals. So, here are all the details about the first match of NA LCQ.

100T vs Geng Valorant NA LCQ: Match Report

100t vs Geng Valorant

Despite losing the first map, 100 thieves managed to bring a comeback and now they are used to that. Earlier in the VCT Masters Berlin, 100T won back-to-back 8 rounds to secure a win over Gambit in the group stages matches.

The breeze was the first map and a pick by 100 Thieves. Furthermore, Asuna, Hiko, and Nitro dominated the kill department but failed to secure the round. However, they came back stronger and won the Split map which was a pick by Geng. The third map was an easy one for 100Thieves and they march forward in the campaign.

Here are the match results of the 100t vs Geng LCQ Valorant match.

Match-1 (Breeze): Geng Shocks 100T

100t xset lcq
Asuna top fragged in the match

100T were in lead till the swap by 7-5. Further, no expected the second half and Geng won 8 rounds, despite losing the piston rounds to secure their win.

Score: 13-10 (Geng Esports)

Top fragger: Asuna (23 Kills with Reyna)

Match-2 (Split): 100T Responds Back

100 thieves won the map in spite of the fact that it was a map picked by Geng esports. 100 Thieves won 10 rounds out of 12 before the swap which made things easy for them this time.

Geng were making a comeback once again as they won six rounds after the swap, but three rounds were enough for 100T to win the match.

Score: 13-8 (100 Thieves)

Top fragger: Ethan (29 Kills with Skye)

Match-3 (Icebox): 100 Thieves Completes The Comeback

100 Thieves managed to win the map easily and move forward in the NA LCQ. Furthermore, the team dominated the attacking side of the map as they won 9 rounds before the swap.

Score: 13-4 (100 Thieves)

Top fragger: Nitro (19 Kills with Jett)

WHat’s Next For 100 Thieves?

100t played against XSET esports where they clinched a 2-1 victory once again. Furthermore, Geng will be playing the lower bracket and they will face Luminosity gaming.

100T are now in the upper finals and only two wins away from the Champions.

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