Valorant Update Today Leaks: Players Can Now Set Skin Level?

Valorant players can now set their skin level, know-how is it possible.

Leaks Of Valorant Update Today
Premium Skins upgrade patch

Leaks Of Valorant Update Today: Riot’s Valorant is all set to roll up their new update which is going to be 3.08 next week. Moreover, it is speculated that players will now be able to set their skin level after the update. This means you will not be forced to play on the maximum level of your gun skin if you have upgraded.

To know more, read this article until the end and we will provide you with all the information available.

Valorant Update Today Leaks: All You Need To Know

Leaks Of Valorant Update Today
Zedd Spectrum Knife Skin

The next update is going to be 3.08 of Valorant. Furthermore, the update will introduce some new things but there is very little chance of the arrival of the new agent Deadeye. The agent will be arriving at the beginning of the new Act which is scheduled to be in the first week of November. However, the date is a tentative date and it might differ.

According to the update coming today, Valorant update 3.08 will bring some small but important changes in the game. Leakers suggest the major one is going to be the skin upgrade. Players now will be able to set their skin level.

Previously, when you upgrade a skin, you were forced to play with the highest form of the skin. This means you cannot downgrade it in case you didn’t like the update. But from now on Valorant 3.08 update, players will be able to set their skin level if even they have fully upgraded it.

Good News For Prime Karambit Skin Users?

This was the second version of prime skins released by Valorant. The players reported about the skin that they are facing issues when they fully upgrade it. Moreover, it was well without the full degradation.

Riot responded to the issue and said they will try to fix this as soon as possible. Now the leaks of the Valorant 3.08 update suggest that Prime Karambit users will be able to downgrade their skin for use. Also, they will be getting a refund of 30 radiante points if they downgrade their skins. However, this is not confirmed.

The 3.08 update will be released on 19th October.

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