Free Fire Headshot Guide: How to Land a Perfect Headshot?

Want to hit a perfect Headshot? Here are 4 tips to improve your headshot in Free Fire!

Featured Image: Free Fire Headshot Guide
Free Fire Headshot Guide: How to Land a Perfect Headshot?

Free Fire Headshot Guide: The easiest way to kill your enemy is by hitting him at his head. Moreover, if you can land a perfect headshot – then your enemy is surely going to knock out you. Therefore, we created this blog post to help you out.

Garana Free Fire – It is one of the most popular and interesting survival games. To put it differently, it is the best battle royal game in India. You need to be a skillful player to survive in this game. Furthermore, if you can hit a headshot then it makes you more powerful than other players.

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Free Fire Headshot Guide: Best Tips to Hit a Headshot

1) Sensitivity

Senstivity for Free Fire
Senstivity Setting

First, You need to set a sensitivity according to your playing style and device. This will help you aim correctly and easily. Moreover, every devise and player has its sensitivity. If you do not know your sensitivity then use this for a headshot in Free Fire.

a. General Sensitivity: 85

b. Red Dot Sensitivity: 100

I recommend you to try and find your sensitivity. It takes time and effort but believes me it’s worth it!

2) Layout and Controls

Finger Control
Finger and Layout Controls!

Second, Your controls are very important when you try to take a headshot in Free Fire. The default controls are best for you if you are not a 3-finger or 4-finger player. But make sure to reduce the size of the aim and joystick. It will help you to move faster.

3) Aiming

Aiming in Free Fire
How to aim in Free Fire

Third, The next big thing to hit a headshot is your aim. In other words, Your ability to control your crosshair decides chances to hit a headshot. On the other hand, to improve your aim try to place your crosshair at the center of your screen. Even while you move or run – Place your crosshair at the center.

4) Best Tip for Free Fire Headshot: Practice

Yes, You read right. The best way is to train yourself and get results. The above tips are just tools but your practice, and reflexes make that happen. Don’t just play the game but learn from your every match.

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