Helping Gamer Free Fire ID and K/D ratio in October 2021

Helping gamer is one of the biggest Free Fire YouTubers. This article is about Helping Gamer's Stats, K/D ratio, stats, and more...

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Blog Post: Helping Gamer Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a popular survival game all over the world. In the past few years, Free Fire started to conduct competitive matches and become an Esports. This game also helps many players to become professional gamers and content creators. Helping Gamer is one of them. That’s why we have come with Helping Gamer Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, Stats, and more…

Popular Free Fire content creator and YouTuber are perks of Helping Gamer. Sarfraj Ahmad is his real name. With around 6.8 million subscribers and 454 million – you can guess “How popular Helping Gamer is”?

Helping Gamer Free Fire: ID and K/D ratio

Profile of Helping Gamer in Free Fire
Profile of Helping Gamer

517121909 is Helping Gamer Free Fire ID. You confirm his stats with the help of this Id.

Statistics of Helping Gamer

These stats are recorded at the time of writing this article. If you are reading this post in the future then cross-check the date of the post.

LifeTime Stats:

  1. Squad: He played a total of 6971 till the time of writing this article. With 1146 wins and 15835 kills he has a K/D ratio of 2.72.
  2. Duo: 2889 Total matches, 187 wins, and 5506 kills are stats of his Duo matches. In Duo matches, his K/D is 2.04.
  3. Solo: Solo matches are the least played matches by Helping Gamer. 2785 Total matches with 170 wins and 4773 kill with 1.87 K/D.

Ranked Stats:

The current season of the game – Helping Gamer played a total of 16 games. With two wins and 80 kills. The K/D ratio is 5.71.

Helping Gamer Free Fire YouTube Channel

Helping Gamer has a YouTube channel with over 6.8 million subscribers. Let’s see his earnings till now.

3.8k$ – 57.8K$ is his estimated monthly earning. $43.5K – $695.4K is his yearly earnings. However, It’s not confirmed yet.

He started to create content in 2018. Uploaded more than 770 videos till the time of writing this article.

Social Media Of Helping Gamer

Helping Gamers is not a Social Media person. But if you still want to contact then use his email. The “[email protected]” is Helping Gamer’s original contact email. If we find something in the future – We will let you know. Stay connected!

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