List Of Best Valorant Player For Every Agent in The Game

Here is a list of the best Valorant players according to their performance in esports matches.

Best Valorant Player
NA team Sentinels during VCT Matches

Best Valorant Player: Riot’s Valorant has a total of seventeen agents in the game. Moreover, the 18th one is all set to arrive named Deadeye in the next update. In esports, there are players, who have mastered the agent and are considered as one of the best.

So, here is a list of all the agents and their best players.

Best Valorant Player: Jett, Viper, Sova Main Players

Best Valorant Player
Who is best on Jett?

Moreover, most of the duelist players are top performers of the team. But, Valorant is a team game and every player is very important for the team. Moreover, most of the players play on Sentinels and dominate the game. There are also controllers like Gambit Nats, who are insane with Viper.

So, here is the list of best Valorant player on every agent:

Note: The list consists of professional players

  1. Astra: SEN Zombs

Sentinel Zombs is a beast on Astra and he showed his skills in the Masters. Moreover, he is considered one of the best Astra players in the world and controls the game very well.

2. Brimstone: Barce

Barce joined the Zeta division from Team Jupiter and is one of the best smoking agents. Moreover, he plays the controller agents beautifully and holds the angle very well.

3. Viper: Nats

Ayaz Akhmetshin played a crucial role has Gambit esports won the Masters Berlin. Nats have an average combat score of more than 260 which is insane for a controller agent.

4. Omen: Nitro

Nitro is a 100 Thieves player and is a controller player. Moreover, he uses agents like Brimstone and Omen to help the team control the sites.

5. Killjoy: 100T Steel

One of the best Killjoy player in Valorant. He has an average combat score of more than 204 with the Sentinel agent.

6. Cypher: SEN Dapr

Dapr plays Cypher occasionally but dominated the game. Often he is seen playing the sentinel on Split and on Haven.

7. Sova: 100T Hiko

One of the most experienced player of the FPS games. He is a Sova main and played at Valorant Masters Berlin.

8. Sage: 100T Ethan

Sage is an agent, that is not permanent for any player. However, Ethan also shuffles Sage with Skye. Furthermore, he has ACS of more than 233 on Sage.

9. Phoneix: SEN Sick

Sick plays Phoneix on Haven and is considered as one of the best player with the agent on Valorant.

10. Jett: Forsaken

Tenz is a great player, but when it comes to ACS, Forsaken has overtaken Tenz and has 283.

11. Reyna: Asuna

Asuna plays Reynaon on some of the maps for 100 Thieves. Furthermore, he has an average combat score of more than 273.

12. Raze: Shalaby

Very few know the name of Mohamed Shalaby. HE is one of the best Rze players in the world with more than 283 ACS.

13. Breach: Hiko

The breach is not much seen in competition seen after getting nerfed. Moreover, Hiko uses the agent on some of the maps.

14. Skye: Laz

Lazplays for the Zeta division and is one the best player on Skye. Moreover, He has an average combat score of more than 250 on the agent.

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