Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin: How to Get New Top-Up Items in Free Fire

Do you know how to get the Phantom Predator Gloo Wall skin? Below you will learn about how to get New Top-Up Items in Free Fire.

Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin Free Fire
Free Fire

Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin is the latest item released by Garena Free Fire. Do you know how to get it? Well, below you will learn about “How to Get New Top-Up Items” in Free Fire. Garena Free Fire gives many challenges to win free rewards to their players.

One of these challenges is Top-Up events. In this event, you have to purchase an allotted number of diamonds. How free is it if I have to buy diamonds? They are free in some way. Because you are not paying for that particular item. And also you can use your gems to purchase other in-game items.

If you are a player who invests in games then this is a perfect opportunity for you to get new items. Without paying extra.

How to Get the Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin and Sauce Swagger Backpack?

Today, from 7 October Garena Free Fire starts their new Top-up event. And it will end on 14 October. The Swag In-Game Top-Up Event will last for a week. If you want to get these new items then you have to complete the given challenge or task before 14 October.

The main items in this top-up event are Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin and Sauce Swagger Backpack. How many diamonds do you need to purchase to get these items?

Given Below:

Sauce Swagger Backpack: You need to Top-up at least 100 diamonds to get the Sauce Swagger Backpack.

Phantom Predator Gloo Wall: And for this, you need to Top-up at least 500 diamonds.

Step by Step Guide to Obtain Your Gloo Wall Skin in Free Fire:

Free Fire Game Top Up Event Poster
Phantom Predator Skin Free Fire

Follow the given instruction below to get your Top-UP event rewards. First, you have to Top-Up diamonds. And then claim your rewards…

Step-1: First thing first, you have to decide which item you want? Sauce Swagger Backpack or both? Because both of them have different top-ups.

If you need just the Sauce Swagger Backpack then you have to top-up for 100 diamonds. But if you are for Phantom Predator Gloo Wall you need to top-up for 500 diamonds.

Step-2: Go to the top section from your gaming Home Screen. There you get

There are diamonds pack prices:

  1. โ‚น80 โ€“ 100 Diamond
  2. โ‚น250 โ€“ 310 Diamond
  3. โ‚น400 โ€“ 520 Diamond
  4. โ‚น800 โ€“ 1060 Diamond
  5. โ‚น1600 โ€“ 2180 Diamond
  6. โ‚น4000 โ€“ 5600 Diamond

For this top-up event, I recommend you should buy the 3rd pack. With Rs.400 you get 520 Diamonds. Which is more than enough to complete this event.

Step Three: After completing your purchase you can claim your reward. Head over to the event section and get your brand new Phantom Predator Gloo Wall Skin.

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