Return of “Minecraft Live” in October 2021

Are you looking for the new return of the Minecraft live event? Then read this.

Return of Minecraft Live 2021
Return of Minecraft Live 2021

Ever since the Covid-19 hit the world, we have lost so much. Moreover, the in-person Minecraft event, which was not last year due to the pandemic. It has brought a new concept of “Minecraft Live”. This event was last year, in 2020 During October. And players felt somewhat relieved with this decision of Mojang. So, Mojang has the return of the Minecraft Live 2021 Event.

However, Mojang made it clear that it is going to happen this year too. With all-new Minecraft News, COntent Creator-Chats, and Game-Influencing Community. All this and much more are coming in the return of the Minecraft live event of October. Keep on reading for more:

The show’s timing is:- 9 am PT/12 pm ET/5 pm BT or your local equivalent on October 16. The return of the Minecraft live 2021 event will stream on every Official Minecraft Platform. Whether it is Youtube, Minecraft Twitch, and on as well.

minecraft live 2021
Minecraft Live 2021

Mojang confirms that there will be new and some familiar faces on the guestlist for the return of the Minecraft Live event. Moreover, there will be Nail-biting surprises that will give you butterflies. Some in-depth interviews with surprise guests. Votes that will have severe effects on your thinking and assuming capabilities. The event will have reveals and puns galore!

The only thing that Mojang has to do now is to announce the Minecraft 1.18 Update news that is part-2 of Caves and Cliffs Updates During the return of the Minecraft live 2021 event. We all think that by the end of this year Mojang will do the reveal of the update. With all the hype about Part-2 of the caves and cliff update, all this Hype can be used for the release.

As we all Know that the part-1 was released this year in June and part-2 is about to release. But the date is a Mystery. All the Hype around the new Biomes, New Caves, New Mountains, all new blocks and items, and new mobs like the Warden. All this is something that is worth the wait. So, this seems to be the perfect time for the secret rollout or release of some new features.

With this year, The return of the Minecraft Live 2021 event. Mojang has just one only thing to say to the fans and the Minecraft Community. They want all of you to have faith and reliance on the Community and on the Mojang Studios. They want us all to send them the most positive vibes so the power doesn’t go out.

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