Oceanian Teams To Miss Out On Last Chance Qualifiers

Oceanian Teams Last Chance Qualifiers

Oceanian teams will not be playing in the upcoming Last Chance qualifiers of Valorant. Moreover, the qualifiers were scheduled from 12th October. Riot failed to secure their visas, meaning teams will not be able to able to travel North America for the LAN event. As a result, we might see TSM in the upcoming NA LCQ of Valorant. Last chance qualifiers will be the last chance for teams to secure their spot in Valorant Champions.

Oceanian Teams Last Chance Qualifiers: Everything You Need To Know

Oceanian Teams Last Chance Qualifiers
Teams in NA Last Chance qualifiers

Valorant champions are the major event of Valorant, which is scheduled in December. Two slots of the tournament were given to the champions of VCT Masters. Meaning, Sentinels and Gambit esports secured their spot by winning the Masters.

The rest of the slots were reserved on the basis of circuit points. Moreover, extra four slots are reserved for Last chance qualifiers. This means NA, LATAM, EMEA, and Asian teams have one more chance if they missed out on the circuit points.

The  NA last chance qualifiers had 8 teams from North America and 2 Oceanian teams. Furthermore, this was going to be a LAN event. Order and Chief Esports Club were two teams qualified for the NA LCQ.

Now, Riot has failed to secure the visas for both teams due to Covid-19 protocols. Meaning, both these teams will be missing the Last Chance qualifiers of NA.


The TSM Valorant Roster

Now two slots are vacant meaning, TSM can play in the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Earlier, something similar happened in APAC LCQ where three teams withdrew from the tournament. Riot gave one slot each to Korea, Japan, and the SEA region. So, in this situation also, Riot can give the slots to the next two best teams of LCQ.

TSM and Andbox are 9th and 10th in the Circuit points respectively. Moreover, Riot can distribute these slots to these teams.

Now, the Oceanian team’s Order and Chief Esports club will not be taking part in the NA Last chance qualifiers. So, they will have to wait until next year for their chance.

Earlier, Bren esports failed to take part in VCT Masters Berlin, after Riot failed to secure their Visas. However, they managed to qualify for the Champions by Circuit points and they will be playing as Team Secret.

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