Best Tips for an Underwater Base in Minecraft

If you are trying to make an Underwater base in Minecraft then this is for you.

Underwater Base in Minecraft
Know everything about underwater bases of Minecraft here

The concept of an Underwater Base in Minecraft is famous from the very beginning. Most of the players enjoy having the base in water because, why not? When you can have your house inside the water, then what is there stopping you. Whether your goal is to have an aesthetic Underwater base or to have a hidden base in Multiplayer, this is the best for you.

There are a lot of ways to make an Underwater Base in Minecraft. This is something that can be achieved from experience. Because this base has a lot of difficulties while making it. So, here are some of the tips to help you to make your base easily. These can also level up the looks of your base too:

1. Location for Underwater Base in Minecraft:

Underwater Base in Minecraft
Best locations to create an underwater base in Minecraft

The first thing to keep in mind is to choose a location for your base wisely. Many players have the audacity to either chose a location that may have cool looks. But what they lack is to maintain the difficulties coming up with that location. The ideal location for your Underwater base in Minecraft is either with the shore or near the coral reef.

2. Enchantments and Potions for the Build:

So, you choose your location and you are happy with it. Then the next step is to make yourself able to work and stay underwater in order to build your Underwater base in Minecraft. For that, Enchantments and Potions can come in real handy. The best Enchantments and potions for the build are-

  1. Respiration- The respiration enchantment is for the Helmet only. It allows you to stay underwater for more than the original time. This can be really helpful in order to complete your build.
  2. Aqua Affinity- This enchantment is based on the player for their personal preference. It applies to the Helmet too. Aqua affinity makes you mine faster in water, as you know that you mine slower underwater as compared to the land.
  3. Depth Strider- Depth strider is really helpful as it makes you faster underwater. It can be enchanted on the boots.
  4. Water Breathing Potion- Water breathing potion is a useful item. It makes you stay underwater longer than the respiration enchantment. so, it is better than that to make your Underwater base in Minecraft.

3. Conduit for Underwater base in Minecraft:-

Tutorial For Creating Bases
Tutorial for Underwater base in Minecraft

All the enchantments and potions are great, but the real power that you need to create your Dream base is in the Conduit. It is an item in Minecraft that can grant you the ability to breathe underwater and see clearly underwater too. To make a Conduit, you will need the Heart of the sea That you will find from the buried treasure chest. nd then you will need  8 nautilus shells that you can get from drowned Zombies and Wandering Traders.

To Make the Conduit Just:-

  1. Place the Heart of the Sea in the middle slot of the Crafting table.
  2. Now place the 8 Nautilus shells around the Heart of the sea.
  3. So, you have the Conduit.

To activate the Conduit, You must follow these steps:-

  1. Make a 5×5×5 Frame of the Prismarine blocks.
  2. Make sure that the frame has the central layers to it.
  3. If the corners are not there, it doesn’t matter.
  4. Now place a block on the central base block.
  5. Place the Conduit on the block you just placed.
  6. Now destroy the block under the Conduit.

So, now you have a kind of immortality underwater. However, you are still vulnerable to mobs and hunger. But rather than that, you can stay underwater as long as you want unless you go out of the range of the Conduit. Once you go out of the range, you will lose the effect after some time. So be careful.

4. Underwater base in Minecraft- Sponges:

Well, you have done everything and built your base. You have made a marvelous base. But the main problem now is to drain the Gaint base out of water. You can either do that in the primitive way of placing blocks like sand and gravel then breaking them and continuing the process until your Underwater base in Minecraft is all dried up. Or you can use the smart method of sponges.

Sponges are rare items in Minecraft that can dry up any water source when placed in them. However, as mentioned above earlier, it is a rare item. That means it will be hard to get. Moreover, these can only be obtained by either raiding an Ocean Monument or by killing an Elder Guardian in it. They can be really helpful to dry up your base pretty easily.

All these were tips to help you in making your Underwater Base in Minecraft easily. Follow these and you will have lesser problems, we assure you that.

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