How To Unlock M13 AR In COD Mobile? Complete Details

Head on to this article to know how to unlock the M13 AR in COD Mobile through the Deadly Weaponry seasonal event!

M13 AR COD Mobile
How to Unlock M13 AR in COD Mobile

How To Unlock M13 AR In COD Mobile: Recently, an all-new seasonal event naming a Deadly weaponry event had launched in COD Mobile. Through which players can unlock the brand new M13 AR that had been witnessed in COD Mobile with Season 8.

Therefore, follow up on this article for the details about the event and know how to unlock the M13 Assault Rifle in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile season 8 2nd anniversary is already live. The players are apparently enjoying it. Moreover, every season brings a couple of new and additional content and features to the game in COD Mobile.

Similarly, Season 8 also features various new additions concluding new maps, characters, camos, weapons, and more. Furthermore, two new weapons naming M13 and R90 are added in the new season of COD Mobile.

The M13 is an assault rifle whereas the R90 is a shotgun in season 8. Players can get these new weapons by unlocking them through the in-game events.

As a result, the Deadly weaponry seasonal event is already live and players can unlock the M13 AR through this event in COD Mobile.

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Here’s How To Unlock The M13 AR in COD Mobile:

M13 is an all-new weapon introduced to COD Mobile categorized as an Assault Rifle. It deals moderate damage and recoil similar to other assault rifles.

Players can unlock this weapon through the Deadly weaponry seasonal event by completing all the missions of this event. Therefore, here is the list of the mission and rewards accordingly in the new seasonal event.

  • Play 5 mp matches and get 300 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 15 enemies with an assault rifle and gain a knife – Bullet Metal camo and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Further, Kill 30 enemies with any AK 47 and avail of an anniversary badge and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 30 enemies with assault rifles fitted with recommended equipment that is ads and control. Gain an LK24 – Bullet metal camo and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Moreover, Kill 30 enemies with the AK 47 equipped with 4 attachments and magazines and avail a Holger 26 Bullet metal camo and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 40 enemies with assault rifles equipped with 2 stickers and a charm and finally get the M13 Assault rifle and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Win 3 matches using m13 equipped with any dragon camo and gain a Tourmaline Alloy Frame and 4000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.

Therefore, that’s all about the Deadly Weaponry Seasonal event and unlocking the all-new M13 Assault Rifle.

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