Valorant Deadeye: Know Leaked Abilities Of Upcoming Agent

Know more about the upcoming agent which is named Deadeye in Valorant.

Deadeye Valorant
An upcoming agent?

Deadeye Leaks: Valorant has released their state of Agents for the month of September which reveals a new agent is arriving named Deadeye. The YR1 Celebration launched a video where the agent was present for less than a second. Since then, the rumor of the arrival were high. And, finally, Riot has confirmed that the agent will be arriving now.

In the battle pass of Act 1 of Episode 3, there are a lot of leaks and hints available. So, let’s have a look at what do these leaks suggest about Deadeye.

All You Need To Know About Agent Deadeye Of Valorant

Valorant confirmed that Deadyes is going to Sentinel agent. Moreover, there were details that explained a little about Deadye but refused to be real all. One thing from the statements confirms that he will have mechanical gameplay, which is not completely based on guns.

Leak 1: French Agent?

Also, the term ‘Magnifique is used in the last sentence. The words look like French which hints that he can be our first French agent. In the leaked images of Valorant, Deadeye looks classy and well dressed with a huge gun.

Leak 2: Golden Theme?

New Agent Leaks Valorant
Golden theme for Deadeye?

In the image posted by Valorant, it looks like Deadeye is going to Golden. Like Sage has green color, Yoru blue, Reyna is Purple. How we can say that?

The image posted by Valorant, which gives information about Deadeye has a tea and golden spoon. Also, in the recent battle pass, there is a player card that has a golden watch. These all can be taken as leaks for the upcoming agent.

Leak 3: Trap Abilities

Deadeye Ability Leaks
Trap abilities?


As we all know that Valorant is a Riot game. Furthermore, the game launched skins recently based on League of Legends. Looking at a player card from his battle pass, where Jett’s gun is dropped on a thing that is golden.

In League of legends, there is an agent who sets traps. When the enemy comes under the traf, they are weaponless, which makes the players get easy kills. Sentinels in Valorant have these abilities. For example, Cypher’s trap wire and Killjoy’s Swam grenade, and Nanobot.

Leak 4: Deadeye Mirror Ability in Valorant?

Looks like Deadeye can see different ranges from different places. The term reflection is now getting linked with the agent.

reflection is the term that comes when the game client launches. Furthermore, the mirror is the best reflection, so we can expect an ability where the agent can set up a mirror to look. However, we are not sure about this.

So, these were all the abilities leaks about Deadeye of Valorant. To read more, click on the link below.

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