Why is it Hard to Open Chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite?

Fortnite added a really tough mission for Big Mouth and players are finding it difficult to move onto other quests. Follow this guide to know more about the issue.

Steel Farm in Fortnite
Steel Farm in Fortnite

Steel Farm Fortnite: A lot of players are having difficulty finding and to open chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite. To help you ou tin finishing this quest, we have this guide for you. This quest is from the Tooth Ache quests from Big Mouth. We will also talk about where you can find the chests and how to find them below.

What is The Quest For?

Fortnite has added two new NPCs that you can find in the game. One of them is Big Mouth and the other one is Grim Fable. Furthermore, Big Mouth’s quest is a bit whacky. Why? It is inconsistent since you can’t even finish the first quest easily.

You can find Big Mouth at the Pizza Pit in Fortnite. Once you activate the quests from Big Mouth you’ll have to Open 2 chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite. To move on and get more XP you’ll need to finish this quest first. Although, it’ll be hard to do so.

Where Can You Find The Chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite?

find chests at steel farm fortnite
Steel Farm Chests Locations

In order to complete this quest, you’ll have to know where Steel Farm is in the first place. More specifically where you can find the chests at Steel Farm in Fortnite. Steel Farmer is a character in Fortnite, who owns the farm above Corny Complex. Although, his house is placed a bit northwest of these farms. This is exactly where you’ll find the chests.

Why is it Hard to Open The Chests?

But there’s a catch. And a big one too. You only have 2-3 chests at this spawn location. And since everyone is trying to do the same quest, players will only land at this location more often than not. This decreases your chances of finding the chests during a single match.

It is hard to complete the quest in a single match since there will be so many players fighting for the same thing at the same place. Meanwhile, someone can sneak through to open them as well. You should literally forget to complete the quest if you’re not the early bird. This is being reported by a ton of players in the game, hopefully, Fortnite can fix this issue as soon as possible.

You can also wait for the hype of the quests to go down a bit and then try to complete the quest. Or go for a match where the path of the Battle Bus is farther so you have less competition. To solve the issue, you can also leave your comments on what you think can be done. For more such latest news coverage, leaks, glitches, and much more you can follow our website for daily content on Fortnite.

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