How to Make Water Elevators in Minecraft 1.17

Here are the details of the water elevators in Minecraft by our experts and use these details to make your first too.

Water elevators in mInecraft
Know how to construct these elevators easily

The Water elevators in Minecraft serve a great purpose. If you are in a survival base and did not have the Elytra yet, then they are really helpful. Moreover, if you are playing in any server with your friends, then they are the best thing to build in order to level up your base. However, the Water elevator is really easy to build. Yet, many players mess it up.

Therefore, we will tell you the easy and working procedure. These Water elevators in Minecraft can be used for the Players, Mobs, and even for the items to transport. The build is fairly simple and doesn’t require many items to construct. So, let us get this build constructed:

Items Required for the Water elevators in Minecraft:-

Water elevators in mInecraft
There are several items required to make it

The Water elevator has a very simple procedure of working. Therefore, it has a very less number of items required to build it. However, some of the items are really hard to get. Moreover, they can sometimes become the cause of your death.

Items required:-

  • Soul Sand- This is the prime thing that you need to make the Water elevator in Minecraft. The soul sand makes the water flow up. And this flow makes the player, mob, and items flow up in the water. If you place the soul sand at the base of the water source, then this creates a bubble path from the base to the top of the water column. However, to get the soul sand, you have to go to the Nether. So, you have to be very careful while getting the soul sand.
  • Magma Block- Magma blocks are the next thing that you will require to make your Water elevators in Minecraft work. Although you can make a separate water column that will have nothing in it. So, you can get to the bottom easily. However, this method is not very convenient. Because you will lose your breath while coming done in a normal water column. If you decide to build the elevator very high. So, the Magma block, when placed at the bottom of any water column in the Water elevators in Minecraft. Will convert the water column into water bubbles that lead downwards.
  • Wooden Signs- So you made the water elevators in Minecraft. But you are suffering to keep the water in the elevator and not outside. Well, try to use the Wooden signs. They will prevent the water flow outside the elevator.
  • Kelp- Kelp plays a very important role in the making of the elevator. The elevator requires the water to be filled in each column separately. So, it is really hard to do that in survival mode. However, kelp turns a single water source into multiple water sources in the column.
  • Glass Blocks/ Glass Panes- These are some items that are optional. Because it is up to you that which item you use to make the elevator with. The decoration and presentation of the Water elevators in Minecraft is your own choice.

The procedure of Water Elevators in Minecraft:-

To make the water elevators in Minecraft, follow these steps. If you did anything wrong then your elevator will not work:-

Step-1: Make a long vertical tube of blocks.

Step-2: Now, at the top make a platform and place the water at the base of the platform. So that the water can flow downwards to the base of the tube.

Step-3: Use the wooden signs to stop the water flow at the base of the Water elevators in Minecraft.

Step-4: Add the kelp at the base block of the water column. You can either let the kelp grow or place the kelp on each other so that it reaches the top.

Step-5: You have to destroy the kelp now.

Step-6: Now destroy the block at the base and place the soul sand or magma block at the base to start the process.

Step-7: Repeat the process for the second Water elevator in Minecraft.

So, here your elevators are ready to use. Now you can impress your, teammates and spectators.

However, if your elevator doesn’t work properly, then make sure that the water if filled in each block of the column. If not, then use the kelp method again.


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