“I Might Join a New Team If I Remain Benched at SouL”, Says SouL Regaltos

Read this article till end end to know whether regaltos is leaving SouL or not!

SouL Regaltos new team
Regaltos Leaving SouL?

“I Might Join A New Team If I Remain Benched At SouL”: Recently, there are lots of rumors and allegations evolving in the community regarding the exit of Regaltos from Team SouL. Also, there are heavy hints that suggest that this rumor is true and real.

Follow up on this article to know everything and the details about regaltos leaving soul.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India esports scenario is already at its peak and all the professionals, as well as developing teams, are also practicing and grinding with a fierce dedication to dominate in the upcoming BGIS as well as other BGMI tourneys.

Team SouL is also one of the most popular and fan favorite teams existing in the overall community. Moreover, Team SouL is led by a massive YouTuber and entertainer widely known as Mortal.

 And, Team SouL had announced their new roster featuring two new players and three retained players with BGMI release. With the announcement, the current roster of Team SouL consists of Mavi, Scout, Mortal, Regaltos, and Viper. 

But, the new roster is not getting that success and is lacking somewhere neglecting the level of expectations. Also, recently there are many rumors that SouL Regaltos aka Parv Singh will be leaving soul. Here are the details regarding this rumor.

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Rega Leaving SouL: True or Not?

soul mortal and soul regaltos
Regltos benched From Team SouL

Recently, there is a decrease in Team SouL’s performance and there are lots of factors that have resulted in this downfall. But, all of sudden, there are rumors that one of the most reliable players and the assaulter of the Team, SouL Regaltos might be leaving SouL and joining a new team.

Also, recently, he was seen playing scrims with Team Godlike as he was benched by Team SouL. But, he reacted upon this rumor and claimed that “he is playing with other teams to practice and improve his gameplay.”

He also claimed that he might join any other team if he remains benched at Team SouL for his individual progress.

But, there is no official announcement or confirmation made regarding Rega leaving soul by the team nor by the player.

Therefore, In conclusion, we as an audience should respect the decision of every individual players and organization. And, support each and everyone and wish for the welfare of the Indian gaming Community!

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