CLG Red Valorant: Know Who Are The New Members

CLG Red Valorant Game Changer
The NA based team announced its lineup in March

CLG Red Valorant: American-based gaming organization Counter Logic Gaming announced their female division of Valorant in March 2021 naming it Counter Logic Gaming Red. Recently, CLG added two new players to their roster for the upcoming Game Changer Series Valorant.

Here are all the details about the Valorant team of CLG’s Red division and their new members.

CLG Red Valorant: All You Need To Know

CLG Red Valorant
Counter Logic’s captain Benita

Counter Logic Gaming is one of the few teams that dropped their female roster for Valorant in the initial days. Furthermore, the team competed in official tournaments like the VCT Game Changer series where they were the second-best team behind Cloud9. Other than that CLG red won the Sakura Cup Valorant tournament.

Moreover, the team is one of the best teams in the female Valorant team and has performed well in several tournaments. CLG finished 2nd in the last Game Changer Series against Cloud9.

Twitch, Newegg, Mountain Dew, Squarespace, Spectrum, GT Omega Racing are the current sponsors for the female team of Counter Logic Gaming.

Counter Logic Gaming Roster: Amnesia And Bungee To Complete The Lineup

Recently, Version1 released their female lineup of Valorant for the upcoming tournaments. Moreover, Naomi was the new name in the squad of Just breathe which Version1 hired.

Earlier, Naomi was a part of the CLG Red Valorant team. She was the second member of the team to join the Counter Logic gaming female lineup behind captain Benita. In September, CLG announced that they have released their two players Noami and Chobome from the lineup.

Now, CLG will be competing in the 3rd series of VCT Valorant Game changer series with two new members Amnesia and Bungee. So, here is the complete roster:

  • bENITA: (IGL/Sova, Reyna)
  • Rise: (Astra/ Viper)
  • Clawdia: (Entry Fragger/ Jett)
  • Amnesia:(Sentinel/ Cypher, Sage)
  • Bungee: (Skye/ Phoneix)

Achievements, Recent Results

The team performed well in previous matches they played. Moreover, they finished 2nd two times in the Valorant Game Changer Series losing both times to cloud9.

However, they won the first Sakura cup and finished 3rd in the 3rd series which was held recently.

Currently, the team played two matches of Game changer qualifiers and are undefeated. Moreover, the team defeated Complexity GX3 by 2-0.

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