Why Indian Orgs Are Disbanding Their Valorant Roster?

In the recent few weeks, most of the organizations have disbanded their roster. Here are all the details.

Valorant Roster Disbanding
Former XYZteam disbanded their Valorant lineup

Valorant Roster Disbanding: Valorant is just one year old and it has made a special place in the hearts of the gamers. The game got a massive boost in India as the favourite game of Indians i.e PUBG Mobile got banned. Many of the streamers shifted to Valorant followed by Organisations.

As the game remained banned for more than six months, many orgs revealed their Valorant roster. Currently, there are very few Indian orgs, who started last year and are continuing to date. So, what is the reason? Here are all the details explaining the facts of Indian Valorant teams getting disband.

Valorant Roster Disbanding: List of Teams Disbanded

Valorant Roster Disbanding
GodL esports released their Valorant lineup

Recently, Indians show their first major tournament in the name of the Valorant conqueror Championship. Furthermore, many Indian teams participated and only a few marched forward for the finals. There were three Indian teams, Global esports, Enigma Gaming and Velocity gaming who made it into the finals of VCC.

After the competition of the tournament,s several teams came up with a statement of disbanding their Valorant roster. Even Enigma Gaming released their three players. As of now only Global esports and Velocity gaming are two teams, who made only a few changes to their roster.

Velocity gaming added MW1, Deathmaker and Marzil into their squad. Teams like Force one leg stump, Godlike esports disbanded their lineup. One of the best gaming orgs in India S8UL also released their Valorant lineup just after two months of formation. Later on, they acquired T69 by making a few changes to it.

In the starting days, Noble esports came to India but left only after few months. Teams like Samurai esports and XYZ esports also acquired Valorant roster but ended up disbanding them.

Why Indian Teams Disbanding Valorant Roster?

T69 player and captain Binks came up with a statement on his stream. He confessed that teams are leaving because not every organisation can run bearing losses. And it is not an easy task to run an org and make a profit by Valorant.

Velocity Gaming is one of the best Valorant teams in India and has been on the scene since the start. Still, VLT Sentinel, the owner of Velocity gaming confessed that it is not possible to make a profit from Valorant. Moreover, he is running the org because he is enjoying it.

Dr Rushindra Sinhna, the owner of Global esports also revealed the problem related to running an esports org. You should watch his full video as he explained everything in detail.

So, the loss is one of the main reasons why Indian teams are disbanding their Valorant roster. However, the prize pool of the tournaments is not that big enough in India for Valorant. And if it stays like this, not many teams will be left in the scene after 3-4 years.

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