Version1 Signs Female Valorant Roster, Names ValorantX

Version1 has revealed their female Valorant roster. Know the complete details here

Version1 Valorant vERSION x
VersionX all-female roster

Version1 Valorant: North America-based gaming organization Version 1 has revealed their all-female lineup for Valorant named VersionX. Version 1 has now joined teams like Cloud 9 White, CLG Red in the list of all female Valorant roster. The organization announced the lineup just before the start of Game Changers qualifiers.

So, here are all the details about the Version X lineup including their players and upcoming tournament.

Know Everything About Version1 New Valorant Lineup

Version1 Valorant VersionX
The squad will be competing in the upcoming Game changer series 3

Version1 signed the roster of the Just breathe team who were competing in several tournaments like Game Changers and Sakura Cup. Moreover, the team was formed in 2021, and in a short span of time, they seemed to impress many in the Valorant community.

All the players of the lineup have played with each other as a team except Naomi. Rest all the four players played as a team at the second Game Changer event. Furthermore, they finished behind some of the best teams in the tournament like Cloud 9 White, NRG, and TSM FTX.

This new squad of Version1 which is VersionX which competes in the next Game Changer event. The next game-changer registrations have started and it will end on 26th September.

Game Changer Series 2 was the first official tournament for this lineup where they finished 5th-8th.

VersionX Valorant Players

Version1 X has signed 5 players for their all-female Valorant lineup. All the versions players have experience with their agents. So, here is the roster:

  1. Kiara “Milkyway” Blue Kukilakilaokalani Makua
  • IGL/ Controller
  • Mostly plays Astra these days. In the initial days, she was on Jett and Reyna

2. Natalia “Natty” Jackson

  • Main duelist/ Second Entry fragger
  • Plays KAYO or Raze

3. Rachel Lynn “Rush” Hang

  • Initiator
  • Rushhh is seen playing Sova in all her competitive career

4. Katherine “Karra” Lee

  • Sentinel/ Controller
  • Karra is the Sage of the team and is responsible to heal. Also, she is good on Astra

5. Naomi Sauvola

  • sentinel/ Controller
  • Plays Killjoy or Skye

So, these are the players who are going to play for Version X in the upcoming Valorant tournaments such as Game changer Series 3.

About Version1 

Version1 was one of the first teams to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tour Masters held in Iceland. Furthermore, they represented North America and finished 5th-6th in the tournament as they lost to Fnatic.

Version 1 has other lineups too for Call of Duty and Rocket League.

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