Know Why Global Esports Is Travelling To Thailand Before LCQ?

Know why the team of Global esports is travelling to Thailand before LCQ?

Global Esports To Thailand
GE are the VCC Champions

Indian team Global Esports is going to Thailand to play the Valorant APAC LCQ. Moreover,  GE is the only Indian team representing India in the tournament. The Asia Pacific Last chance qualifier is the only chance available for Sout Asian teams to make it into the Valorant Champions which is going to be the biggest event of Valorant.

So, here are all the details about Global esports Thailand and its upcoming plans.

Global Esports To Thailand: Know The Dates Of APAC LCQ

SK Rossi Global Esports To Thailand
SK Rossi plays for Global esports

The Asia Pacific is going to be an offline tournament and not a LAN event. According to several reports the matches will be played on the Singapore servers. This means, there will be ping issues for the players who are playing far from Singapore.

As it is an offline tournament, Global esports are supposed to play from India. This means they will face a ping of around 100-120. This will be surely a disadvantage to the players and will not do justice.

To tackle the problem, the team of Global esports is going to Thailand. Furthermore, they will be playing the tournament from Thailand to get the ping available. Most of the teams are south Asian teams so, they can play from their respective country.

GE co-owner Dr. Rushindra Sinha dropped a video on his channel and explained everything about it.

How To Support GE?

In the video, Rushindra Sinha also introduced the merch of Global esports LCQ. However, he cleared the fact that this is not any kind of campaign to raise money. Moreover, the merch is launched to ask for the support of fans for the Global esports team who are going to play the APAC LCQ.

Also, there will be only 1000 jerseys available and players can buy them from the official website of Global esports. 

Global esports will be facing Reject Scarlet in the opening match. Global esports defeated Velocity Gaming to win Valorant Conquerors Championship and qualify for the APAC last chance qualifiers.

Reject Scarlet is a Japan-based team that qualified for the LCQ via circuit points. The winner of the match will face Paper Rex who has the experience of the international tournament as they played at VCT Masters Berlin.

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