All You Need To Know About Youtuber Ankkita C

Ankkita C is a streamer and owns a Youtube channel, know more about her here

Ankkita C
Ankkita Chauhan is one of the famous girl streamers

In the recent few years, the gaming community of India has shown some emerging stars and Ankkita C is one of them. Ankkita Chauhan a.k.a Ankkita owns a Youtube channel where she streams several games regularly. She is one of the few girl gamers, who prefer streaming PC games over mobile games. So, if you’re a PC gamer, you must know who she is.

Ankkita C: Streaming Journey And Games

Ankkita C
Know about Ankkita’s Youtube journey

Ankkita C, famously known as Ankkita started her streaming journey in 2018. In an interview, she explained that he started gaming by playing PUBG Mobile. Later on, she shifted to PUBG PC. PUBG PC was the game she used to stream in her initial days.

She used to work in a digital marketing agency as a content writer before entering the gaming field. Ankkita left the job to become a full-time streamer. He expressed the fact that how her parents supported everything including her decision to stream. Ankkita also holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounts and Finance.

Ankkita C started the streaming and received a positive response from the audience. After some time, she tried different games like Apex Legends, CS: GO, Mobile Legends, and Valorant. Currently, she streams Valorant regularly but makes sure that her audience has other options too. So, she streams unique games like Pico park and Mask Gun. Currently, she has more than 281k subscribers on Youtube and 86k followers on Instagram.

Recently, 8-bit creatives announced that they have added Ankkita C as a part of their organizations. Currently, Ankkita has tie-ups with brands like Loco and Intel Gaming.

Content And Gaming Set-up

Apart from Valorant, Ankkita C provides various options for her audience to watch on her Youtube channel. She streams games like Apex Legends, The Witcher, Outlasts 2, and WWE. Daily Vlogs are a new addition to her content. Moreover, she posted new vlogs of traveling along with her friends which the audience loved it.

Ankkita C is often seen playing Valorant with Tbone, Fa2, Rakazone Gaming, and others which is always fun to watch.

Here are the Details of Her Gaming Set-Up:

Gaming PC Specs:

Ankkita Youtube
She owns one of the best gaming setup in the community

Intel i9 10900k

Graphics: GeForce RTX 3080 GPU

Motherboard: MSI z490 Mobo

Ram: HyperX Fury 8GB RAM x4

Cooling: Custom Liquid Cooled

Streaming PC Specs:

Intel i9 9900kf

Graphics: colorful igame rtx 3060ti

Ram: Corsair vengeance RGB pro 16GB

Motherboard: Asus z390-e gaming

Cooler: Corsair RM850 PSU C

Cabinet: Corsair Crystal series 680x RGB

So, these were all the details about our favorite streamer Ankkita C.

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