Valorant Patch Notes 3.06: Complete Details

Valorant is all set to release its new update 3.06. Know everything about it here.

Valorant Patch Notes 3.06
Know about nerfs and buffs made in Valorant

Valorant Patch Notes 3.06: Valorant has rolled out a new patch 3.06. The new patch has brought some changes to agents and maps as well. To know more about the changes that are done in Patch Notes 3.06, follow up this article till the end.

Valorant Patch Notes 3.06: Changes Made To Agent Skye

Valorant Patch Notes 3.06
Jett, Skye and KAYO abilities will be a little different now

Earlier, Skye had become a very powerful agent. After this patch, Skye has been nerfed. Skye’s mains were easily getting frags through her abilities. The Guiding Light unequips after casting or bending is increased. It was 0.5 earlier but now it is raised up to 0.75.

The wind-up time after activation just before the flash goes off is also increased. Earlier it was 0.25 but now it is 0.3. It is now difficult for Skye to play with her flashes. Furthermore, Skye’s ultimate now requires 7 orbs. Earlier, it was 6 orbs but to make it quite easy for opponents, it is now increased to 7 orbs.

Changes Made To Agent Jett

The Cloudburst ability of Jett is nerfed. Earlier, Jett was able to buy three Cloudbursts per round but now it is reduced to only two. Players won’t be able to spam smokes while planting on site.

The Bladestorm ability that is the ultimate of Jett is nerfed. Jett mains were on a rampage as each kill of Bladestorm done from right-click refilled the Kunai. But, now right-click kills won’t refill Kunai.

Changes Made To Kay/O

Valorant KAYO Nerfs
Know about the changes made in KAYO’s abilities

Kay/O’s abilities are buffed after the latest patch notes 3.06. Kay/O’s Flash/drive wind-up telegraph is decreased from 0.5 to 0.3. The duration of wind-up telegraph from right-click has been reduced from 1 second to 0.3 seconds.

The audio for the in-fight projectile is also removed. His NULL/cmd ability that is his ultimate will not stop pulsing enemies even if Kay/O is dead. It increases the value of his ability. The overall changes of Kay/O make him a very good agent.

Valorant Patch Notes 3.06: Map Changes

Box on B site of Fracture map will be a safe cover for players. It won’t allow bullets to penetrate through it. A Box on B site of Haven near the default plant is also impenetrable. This update makes the planting of spikes much easier for attackers. Box on B site of Icebox map will also not allow bullets to go through it. It makes the plant much simpler for players.

The box on A site of Ascent has also been made impenetrable. A box on Bind was relocated making it a good cover for attackers to plant as well.

After this update, defenders have to increase their skills to adjust themselves to these new features.

Other Updates

Patch Notes 3.06 has fixed the bugs. The Deathmatch penalty will not prevent players from getting banned for staying AFK.

Also, the new map Fracture is getting added into Competetive. This means players can gain points and increase ranks by playing this new map.

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