How to Whisper in Valorant: Step By Step Details

How to Whisper in Valorant
How to Whisper in Valorant

Many players don’t know how to whisper in Valorant. Using whisper, you can send messages to only a particular player. To know more about how to whisper in Valorant, follow up this article till the end.

What is Whisper in Valorant?

Using the Whisper feature, you can talk privately with any player. It will be a private chat so no one other can read it. You can use the same feature in the lobby too. You can select any player from the friend list while you are in a match and talk to them too. It is a very useful feature as it keeps the chat private.

Steps to Chat in Whisper Mode:

Step-1 Open Valorant and enter into a game.

Step-2 Now, open the chat box by pressing Enter key.

Step-3 On the bottom left corner of your screen, you will be able to see the chatbox.

Step-4 Now, place the cursor on the type box and left-click on it.

Step-5 Later on, press CTRL+ Enter.

Step-6 Now, type the username of the player you want to whisper with.

Step-7 After typing the username, press the TAB key on your keyboard.

Step-8 Now type the message you want to send and then press Enter.

You can type any player’s username whether from a match or friend list. To get back to normal chat, simply press the TAB key again. Hope this article helped you to get knowledge about how to Whisper in Valorant.


Ques-1 When was Valorant released?

Ans-Valorant was released on 2nd June 2020.

Ques-2 How many agents are there in Valorant?

Ans-There are a total of 17 agents in Valorant.

Ques-3 Which agents can do smokes?

Ans-Agents like Omen, Brimstone, Jett, and Astra can play a major role by using smokes.

Ques-4 When will Valorant Mobile release?

Ans-There are no rumors about the launch date of Valorant Mobile yet.

Ques-5 What is the name of the new map that was launched recently?

Ans-Fracture is the name of the latest map in Valorant.

Ques-6 When will New agent release in Valorant?

Ans-The new agent is expected to release in the next major update.

Ques-7 How to chat on all in Valorant?

Ans-To chat on all, you have to press Shift + Enter. The message after clicking will be visible to opponents too.

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