Where is Carnage Boss Location in Fortnite?

Where is the Carnage Boss Location in Fortnite? Find the exact location of the Carnage/Venom boss in our guide below.

Carnage Boss Location Fortnite

Carnage Boss Location in Fortnite is the newest and most searched position by folks to get the symbiote mythic weapons.  Moreover, these mythic projectiles can help the players to grab the enemies easily.  In addition to this, the weapons found in the carnage/venom boss location in Fortnite can cause a good amount of damage to the enemies.

Both Venom and Carnage are anti-marvel fame. In the game, they release mythic weapons. So, locating them on the map is very much necessary to get these weapons. We have prepared a complete and easy guide in the article to find their position easily.

Carnage Boss Location in Fortnite: All to Know

Carnage and Venom Symbiotes are present in boxes. Furthermore, these canisters spawn in random locations on the map. Finding them is a little tricky but not impossible.

Moreover, canisters will pop only during the match. You cannot locate them at the start of the match. Both carnage and venom symbiote canisters will appear when the storm has arrived.

But in some cases, players also have to wait till the second or third hurricane to get the symbiote. The good news is that they spawn on multiple locations. Also, they can deal damage to 60 enemies at a time.

Where is Venom/Carnage Boss Location in Fortnite?

Carnage boss fortnite

They spawn in multiple locations but still their probability is high at some specific locations. They are mostly found in the fields of Boney Burbs and Corny Corps. Once, the storm starts you can easily see the symbiote above the canisters.

There are various Venom/Carnage boss locations in Fortnite. But one should always try to drop nearby the location of these canisters. This is because a lot of players will be heading to grab these boxes. Landing nearby their location can help you reach first to them.

How to do it?

Keep in mind that you can not directly grab them. First, interact with the canister and only then you can get mythic weapons. Once you are equipped with the weapon then you can expand your arms to deal damage.

Moreover, they can deal damage to 60 folks at a time. It has a cool-down period of ten seconds. Furthermore, players can easily track the locations of these canisters by the marker on the map. These markers tell all of the locations of canisters. Just wait for the storm to arrive to get a mythic weapon for yourself.


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