Defending Champions Sentinels Out Of VCT: Know Semi-finals Date And Schedule Here

Know the match report of all the four quarterfinal matches played here.

Sentinels Out Of VCT
NA team Sentinels during VCT Matches

Sentinels Out Of VCT: North American team, Sentinels are now knocked out from the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3. Another NA-based team, ENVY defeated them by 2-0. This is the first time that Sentinels are out of any tournament were undefeated before this. Earlier, they lost their first match against G2 in Berlin.

So, here are all the details including the match report of VCT Masters Stage 3.

Sentinels Knocked Out of VCT: Know Match Reports Here

Sentinels Out Of VCT
Sentinels After Victory in VCT Masters Iceland

Envy managed to defeat the champions by 2-0. Envy qualified for VCT Masters by finish third in the North America challengers playoffs. Previously, Sentinels won the VCT Masters Iceland and qualified for the champions. They also won the Challengers playoffs against 100 Thieves to become the top-seeded NA team in Berlin.

Now, two teams from NA and two from EMEA remain in the tournament. Sentinels Out of the VCT means 100 Thieves will face ENVY in the first semifinal and Gambit will face G2 in the second semifinal. Moreover, they will be a final between the EMEA team and NA team for sure.

In other matches, Gambit defeated Vision Strikers by 2-1, G2 esports defeated KRU by 2-0 and 100 Thieves made a sensational comeback to defeat Acend by 2-1. Here are match reports for the matches.

Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin: Match Report

  1. Gambit esports vs Vision Strikers
Valorant Champions Tour Masters Playoffs
Stage of VCT masters

Vision Strikers proved, they are not an easy team to defeat. Moreover, the EMEA champions struggled by won the match by 2-1 to secure the semi-final spot.

  • Match-1: Bind 

Score: 13-2 (Gambit esports)

Top fragger: GE Nats (24 kills with Viper)

  • Match-2: Split

Score: 13-7 (Vision Strikers)

Top fragger: VS Buzz  (18 kills with Jett)

  • Match-3: Icebox

Score: 13-8 (Gambit esports)

Top fragger: VSBuzz  (23 kills with Jett)

2. G2 Esports vs KRU 

G2 managed to get a comfortable victory over the LATAM side by 2-0 to secure their spot in semi finals.

  • Match-1: Icebox

Score: 13-9 (G2 esports)

Top fragger: G2 Keloqz (26 kills with Jett)

  • Match-2: Haven

Score: 13-9 (G2 esports)

Top fragger: G2 Keloqz (26 kills with Jett)

3. 100 Thieves vs Acend

Valorant Champions Tour Berlin
Valorant Roster of 100 Thieves

100 Thieves were almost out from VCT Masters just like Sentinels. Furthermore, in the finals map, they were 8-4 behind Acend. The match point came on 12-7, but they won five consecutive rounds to make an insane comeback.

  • Match-1: Ascent

Score: 13-9 (Acend)

Top fragger: ACE cNed (23 kills with Jett)

  • Match-2: Haven

Score: 13-8 (100 Thieves)

Top fragger: ACE cNed (23 kills with Jett)

  • Match-3: Breeze

Score: 14-12 (100 Thieves)

Top fragger: ACE cNed (24 kills with Jett), 100T nItRO (24 kills with Jett)

4. Sentinels vs Envy

The first match was close as it went to extra time. But after securing the first round, ENVY made sure to kick Sentinels out of the VCT. They lost the match by 2-0 and we will see a new champion at this masters.

  • Match-1: Haven

Score: 15-13 (ENVY)

Top fragger: SEN Tenz (30 kills with Jett)

  • Match-2: Split

Score: 13-7 (ENVY)

Top fragger: NV yay (22 kills with Jett)

So, as it stands the semifinals will be played on 18th September. And the winning team will head towards the finals. Moreover, it is expected that we might see 100 Thieves and Gambit in the finals.

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