COD Mobile Season 8: Leaks, Release Date And Details

Head on to this article for the complete details regarding the COD Mobile season 8 release date and leaks!

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks
COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks and Release Date

COD Mobile Season 8: Leaks, Release Date And Details: The COD Mobile season 7 is already live while the players are gearing up for the next season of COD Mobile.

The upcoming season is going to be season 8 and this article will showcase all the leaks, release date, and details so far.

Call of Duty Mobile is already one of the most popular and top grossing games around the globe. And, many players enjoy playing and competing here in the fields of Call of Duty Mobile.

Moreover, COD Mobile keeps making additions to the game frequently through regular patch updates and seasons. As a result, the Season 7 Elite of the Elite is already live in COD Mobile. And, the players are already enjoying the new delight features of the game.

Meanwhile, after receiving immense support from the players and features from the developers, players are now gearing up for the next season. The next season is going to be Season 8 in COD Mobile and will be celebrating the second anniversary of the game.

Moreover, just like every season brings a variety of new features, season 8 will also conclude many new attributes. Here are the leaks regarding the upcoming features of season 8 and the release date for it in CODM.

COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks:

The CODM Season 8 will feature lots of new features, maps, weapons, attachments, and many more. Precisely, two new weapons will be added in the forthcoming season of COD Mobile.

One is the M13 Assault rifle that is another new AR in the list of COD Mobile and it penetrates pretty good damage and stats. Meanwhile, the other new weapon is the R90 shotgun coming to COD Mobile in the next season.

Moreover, two new maps naming Holger Sawmill and redefined Crash are also expected to release in the upcoming season in Multiplayer mode.

Also, a new operator skill naming Tak-5 and a new Lightning Strike scorestreak will also add in the new season. The Tak-5 operator skill heals, boosts max health by 50 and removes burns for the player and teammates too.

Meanwhile, the Lightning strike costs 1050 points to use and launches a Lightning Strike on three locations on map.

Apart from these, a new perk naming Iron Lungs will add in the upcoming season 8 of CODM. This perk will be favorable for the snipers as it extends the time so the sniper will not shake while sniping.

Therefore, these are all the leaks that have leaked so far, some of the actual additions may vary from these and we can also expect some more additions apart from these.

COD Mobile Season 8 Release date:

COD Mobile season 8 release date
COD Mobile season 8 release date

No official announcement has been issued by the officials regarding the release date yet. But, the COD Mobile Season 7 BR Pass will end on September 22. And, accordingly, we can expect the season 8 release date around 23 September. 

Therefore, that’s all regarding the COD Mobile season 8 release date and leaks!

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