All You Need To Know About Mili Kya Mili

Know all about the Content creator and streamer Mili.

Mili Kya Mili
Know more about Saloni aka Mili here

Saloni Kandalgaonkar is also known as Mili Kya Mili is an Indian Content Creator and streamer. Mili is a full-time streamer and has more than 180k subscribers on her Youtube channel where she streams games like Valorant, PUBG Mobile, CS GO regularly. Recently, she also started uploading vlogs which the audience found one of the most entertaining vlogs coming from any streamer.

Mili is the Content Creator for Team Vitality and a part of 8 Bit Creatives. Furthermore, there are several brands like Corsair and Elgato in her bags. So, here are some more details about Mili, you need to know.

Mili Kya Mili Youtube Journey, Games And More

Mili kya Mili, PUBG, Valorant, Streamer
She has more than 180k Subscribers on Youtube

Saloni is from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai. She started her Youtube journey in 2017 where she started streaming games like GTA and PUBG. She was one of the first girl streamers in India during the post PUBG days. Mili’s audience was a consistent one from the starting days.

Later on, she started playing PUBG Mobile more often. Mili also played several PUBG Mobile tournaments. Mili used to play PUBG Mobile weekly tournaments held by the Hydra clan or Karma.

Furthermore, Mili kya Mili became a well-known name in the Youtube community. She joined the Beyond Infinity clan and played many customs with the team.

Content After PUBG Ban

Before the ban, Mili used to play PUBG. Although, after the ban, she never played the game on stream. Moreover, this was the thing the audience loved it. Unlike most girl gamers, Mili kya Mili started trying different games.

Valorant was the game Mili preferred more. As of now, she is a well-known player of Valorant. She is a part of 8 Bit Creatives and content creator for Team Vitality.

The audience loves Mili’s recent content based on Valorant where she teams up with players like Fa2, Binks, and Tbone. Also, Mili started posting Vlogs of her trips which are soothing to watch.

Currently, Mili is often seen playing Valorant along with games like Rocket League and Pummel Party.

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