What is COD Mobile Controller Support? Find Out Here

Head on to this article for the complete Details regarding COD Mobile Controller support!

COD Mobile Controller Support
COD Mobile Controller Support

What is COD Mobile Controller Support: Call of Duty Mobile offers the players and allow them to play COD Mobile using some specific controllers. But sometimes, players face an issue or some players still don’t know how to connect a controller for COD Mobile and more.

Therefore, follow up on this article for the details about the COD Mobile controller support, how to connect, how to fix not connecting issue, best controller for COD Mobile, and more.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular games and is already achieving tremendous milestones apparently. Also, Call of Duty Mobile offers numerous features and additions and keeps the players engaged in the game.

Meanwhile, many players look up to play COD Mobile using any of the respective controllers. Therefore, here’s everything you need to know about COD Mobile controllers.

What is COD Mobile Controller Support:

COD Mobile allows the players to use the controllers while playing COD Mobile by connecting them. But, only official Dualshock 4, PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers can be used to play COD Mobile using controllers.

Moreover, all other versions of PS4 official controllers except the first generation controllers are supported.

Furthermore, the players using a controller will get matchmaking against the controller players only. Precisely, if any one member of the team is using a controller, then the opponent team will also consist of controller players.

And, if all are playing with normal controls of the phone, then the enemy team will also be using the same. This maintains equality and imparts equal justice and favor to the players and does not misguide the spirit of the players.

Meanwhile, sometimes players face an issue and the controller does stop working while playing COD Mobile. Here’s all you need to know regarding it.

COD Mobile Controller Not Working: Why?

Recently, many players face this issue where their controller does not function to Call of Duty Mobile.

This might happen due to several reasons concluding technical issues in the controller, connectivity issues, device issues, or might be anything else.

But, we have got the fix for all these types of fellow issues for Call of Duty Mobile controller!

How to Fix COD Mobile Controller Not Working:

COD Mobile Controller Not Working
COD Mobile Controller Not Working

Firstly, players should ensure that their respective controller is turned on and is working properly with any other device. If not, then there is an issue with their controller and players need to repair their controller physically.

Apart from this, if the controller is working properly, players need to make sure that the Bluetooth of their device is turned on and is not connected to any other device.
Further, players need to ensure that if the controller is connected with the game or not. Players can check this by connecting the controller to their device via Bluetooth. Further open CODM and head to Controller setting in the settings menu.

Apart from these measures, players can try restarting their controller as well as their device by closing them and repeating the process of connecting the controller to the mobile.

Any of these measures will definitely work to fix the Controller not working issue.

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Furthermore, many players find it difficult to connect a controller with their device for COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Controller Mapping: How to Connect a Controller With Your Mobile?

Players can primarily connect a controller to their device using the Bluetooth option by following the given steps.

Step-1 – Firstly, enable the pairing on your respective PS4 or Xbox controller.

Step-2 – Enable the Bluetooth on your device from settings.

Step-3 – Locate the wireless controller in the Bluetooth settings and connect to that device.

Step-4 – Open COD Mobile settings and enable Allow to use the controller in the controller settings menu.

Thereby, players can easily connect their controller with their device in Call of Duty Mobile. Meanwhile, here are some of the best controllers for COD Mobile.

Best Controllers For COD Mobile:


Best Controllers for COD Mobile
Best Controllers for COD Mobile
  • Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller PS4
  • Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller

These both are the most preferred and original controllers compatible with COD Mobile. Meanwhile, here are some of the other cheaper versions of the controllers.

  • DWH X3 Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller with Bracket Gamepad Support iOS/Android
  • Universal Studios Dualshock 4 PS4 V2 Controller Black Joystick
  • CosmicByte EG-C1070T Interstellar Wired USB Gamepad
  • Redgear Pro Series (Wireless) Gamepad
  • CLAW Shoot Bluetooth Bluetooth Gamepad

Apart from these, players can get more and cheaper or price range options from flipkart.

Meanwhile, players can also customize their button layout and controls according to the details given below.

COD Mobile Controller Button Layout: How to Customize the Layout:

Call Of Duty Mobile Button Layout
COD Mobile Button Layout

Players can easily customize the layout of their choice by heading to Setting. On the setting click on Advanced mode and select the layout whichever the players want according to their choice.

COD Mobile Controller Not Connecting: How to Fix it?

If the respective Controller is not connecting to COD Mobile, then players need to head to the settings. And, check weather the controller is connected or not and whether the Bluetooth is turned on or not.

Meanwhile, if players are determining the COD Mobile Controller Not working in the Lobby then it’s not an issue actually.

Because, controllers only work during a match. If you are playing Battle Royale or a game of MP, controller functionality will work as normal. If you are in a lobby or in-game menu like changing a loadout, you will use the phone’s native controls.

Therefore, players need to connect the controller before entering a match and switch to controller use before they enter the game or the lobby.

COD Mobile Controller Support Android:

The COD Mobile supports only the Dualshock PS4 and Xbox controllers for both android and IOS devices. And, also all other versions of PS4 official controllers except the first generation controllers are supported.

Therefore, that’s everything you need to know about the COD Mobile Controller Support!

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