Valorant Spectrum Bundle: Release Date, Weapons And Price

Here are all the details you need to know about Valorant's new skin Spectrum.

Valorant Spectrum Bundle PRICE, RELEASE DATE
Skins available in the bundle

Valorant Spectrum Bundle: Russian-born German DJ Anton Zaslavski also known as Zedd has come up with a collaboration to launch new bundle skins in the game. There were rumors about the skins and collaboration. Yesterday, Valorant dropped a video confirming the arrival of the skins which is going to be the first audio-driven skin in the game.

So, here are all the details you need to know about this new skin.

Valorant Spectrum Bundle: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Spectrum Bundle
Phantom Skin

This is the first time, that Valorant has launched a skin in collaboration with a celebrity. Earlier, there were skins launched by the developers in collaboration with Riot’s another game called League of Legends. They were upgradable skins that came in the bundle.

This time the collaboration is a unique one and the skins are audio-driven. Furthermore, all the skins in the bundle of Spectrum make a different type of sound when used in Valorant. In the launch video, Zeed revealed that he worked with the developing team in order to get cool, balanced, and inspiring audio.

All the skins have different colors and can be upgraded using the Radiante points. As per the leaks, and previous skins, we can see four colors available. So, let’s jump into more details about the skin.

Price of Spectrum And Skins Available

The official price of the Spectrum bundle is not revealed yet by Valorant. But, as per the leaks, the expected price is around 10,700 Valorant points. Considering there are no operator or Vandal skins available in it, the price will be too much.

Here is a glimpse of final kill animation:

Also, if the skin launched at 10, 700 Valorant prices, then it will become the costliest skin in the game. As of now, the Elderflame is with the highest price tag of 9,900 Valorant Points. Although the price is not confirmed, we can also see the price under 10k VP.

There are a total of five skins in the bundle. The operator and Vandal are missing, but we will see a unique version of Bulldog and Guardian. Generally, the costly bundles have skins like Sheriff or Ghost, but in Spectrum bundle, there is a Classic, which is the default pistol of Valorant.

  • Bulldog
  • Classic
  • Guardian
  • Phantom¬†
  • Knife

Release Date

The store of Valorant says the skin is coming soon. Moreover, we can expect the skin in the upcoming weeks.

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