Upcoming Major Event: Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft Livestream is an annual Mojang Studios event taking place, where the devs will give a deeper look into the update.

Minecraft Mob Vote 2021
Minecraft Live 2021

Minecraft Live 2021 is an annual online livestream event hosted by Mojang. Fans will be able to meet the creators. These are the creators who are behind the creation of some of the most exciting Minecraft upgrades. And also, see in-depth interviews at the event. They also get out about planned changes. Moreover, having the opportunity to vote on a new mob or biome.

Additional Information About Minecraft Livestream:

Mojang used to host Minecraft Live offline before the coronavirus pandemic. Minecrafters might meet other players, content creators, and developers here. Minecon 2021 will however, unfortunately, be an internet live event, like it was the previous year.

The date and time for the livestream have been officially revealed by Mojang. This article contains all of the known information on the upcoming event.

The date for Minecraft Live 2021 is set for Saturday, October 16.

Mojang also revealed the event’s timings along with the date. The following are the Minecon Live 2021 schedules for different regions:

-9 AM in Pacific Daylight Time
-9 AM in Eastern Daylight Time
-1 PM in Brasilia
-5 PM in British Summer Time
-6 PM in Central European Summer Time
-1 AM in Japan Standard Time
-3 AM in Eastern Daylight Time in Australia

Almost any device can be used to watch Minecraft Live 2021. The event will be broadcast on numerous platforms by Mojang.

Minecraft’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel will all be live-streaming the event. It will also be streamed live on Mojang’s official website.

Voting in the Livestream

Minecraft Live is rapidly approaching. So, get all of your ducks in a row and pick which mob you’d like to vote for, during the Livestream. The vote will take place on October 3rd during the livestream on Twitter or Minecraft. So, make sure you follow Minecraft official events, if you want to be heard and vote. It doesn’t matter if they were all sent at the same moment and in the same perfect handwriting. The people want more writers in this small mining and crafting game and be there Minecraft 2021.

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