Fortnite IO Base: How to discover all the Locations

Fortnite IO Base Locations in Season 7: All areas and how to discover them.

IO Base
IO Base

Fortnite IO Base: The Order completely uncovered themselves after the Aliens assumed control over the Fortnite island, setting up bases everywhere.

There are a modest bunch of Fortnite IO Base areas. They likewise have different camps, secret lids, and lifts set up to genuinely expand their essence across the Fortnite Battle Royale island.

Why was the IO Base Set-up?

The Imagined Order has made it their central goal to bring down the Aliens and annihilate the Mothership. That is the reason the association has set up bases after the danger showed up.

Discovering these Fortnite IO Base Locations in Season 7 will permit you to fight a portion of the many IO Guards on the island. Overcoming these watchmen will drop gold bars for you to gather.

They are very tanky, so battle them from in a good way. Whenever they are thumped, you can get data on where the excess gatekeepers are found. They might even drop some cutting-edge weapons for you to utilize.

IO Base
IO Base

Here is the Entirety of the IO Base Locations Right Now:

The Bridge:  It is just open in-game through the new Impostors mode.

Corny Complex: The IO has been set up at Corny Complex. It has a Surface Hub close to the principal Barn and a shelter almost one of the cornfields.

Spawn Island: Players presently hold back to stack up on the Fortnite Battle Bus on an IO Base.

Discovery Dish: This is the first of many Satellite Stations the IO has constructed.

Deep Woods Dish: This Fortnite IO Base is inside the once named Stealthy Stronghold toward the north of Pleasant Park.

Dampy Dish: It is found in the southwest corner of the island, only west of Slurpy Swamp.

Defiant Dish: This one is on a slope south of The Aftermath.

Dinky Dish: Look for the Fortnite IO Base known as Dinky Dish toward the west of Steamy Stacks.

Destined Dish: Mount F8 is home to this Satellite Station. It is south of Misty Meadows.

Dockside Dish: The last current Fortnite IO Base is situated toward the west of Dirty Docks and southeast of Corny Complex close to Lake Canoe.

Those are the entirety of the bases. That isn’t checking the few little camps and lifts that have IO Guards encompassing them all through the Fortnite Battle Royale island.

As Fortnite Season 7 reaches a conclusion, more IO areas might arise, as they get ready to stop the extraterrestrials that plummeted upon the game.

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