Valorant Zedd Skins Leaks: Know Everything About It

Zedd is all set to feature in Valorant. Here are all the details about the upcoming skins.

Valorant Zedd Skins Leaks
Leaks of upcoming skins in Valorant

Valorant Zedd Skins Leaks: Riot’s Valorant is all set to release their new bundle of skins in the game. Moreover, this time the collaboration will be different and this time a celebrity is going to feature to launch a Valorant Skin named Zedd.

So, here is a detailed article about Valorant’s upcoming skin which might release in the new episode.

Valorant Zedd Skins Leaks: A New Collaboration?

Valorant Zedd Skins Leaks
Zedd playing Valorant on Stream

Previously, we saw skins in the game in collaboration with League of Legends. Furthermore, the lights of sentinels and Runination were the two skins that we saw in the game. Valorant has launched some cool skins recently and the players are loving it.

Valorant follows a custom, they release their new skins and make them available for 40-50 days. After that, they release a new bundle of skins. Moreover, the date is coming, when the old skin will expire to buy. As per the leaks, Zedd skins replace the old one in the Valorant store.

Zedd is a musical artist and he will introduce pop culture in the game. However, it is rare to see that a celebrity is featuring in a game that is not Fortnite. He has previously appeared in Riot’s another installment of League of Legends. So, the collaboration is nothing new for Riot fans.

Also, fans have seen him playing Valorant on his official Twitch handle. Interestingly, he is a good player and has reached Immortal recently which is the second-highest tier in Valorant.

Release Date And Price

There are no official announcements made by the Valorant’s officials. But, most of the trusted leakers of the game tweeted and said that the skin is going to come in the second episode of Act 3.

There is a leaked picture of Mele which is expected to be of upcoming Zedd skins of Valorant. So, we can expect the new skins in the first week of Episode 3. Also, there are leaks of releasing new maps in the game. It will be exciting to watch these new skins and new maps in the game.

The price is expected to be the same as the rest of the skins. Most of the bundle skins come at a price of 7000 Valorant points. So, we can expect the same for these new Zedd skins in Valorant.

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