Fortnite 17.50: All About the Update

The end is near! It's nearly an ideal opportunity to say farewell to Fortnite Season 7 yet not without one final update to send it off with a bang.

Fortnite 17.50 Patch
Fortnite 17.50 Patch

Fortnite 17.50: The 17.50 update makes certain to bring a lot of activity. We would wind down this outsider-themed season and move onto what’s next.

We should investigate what you need to think about as Fortnite Update 17.50 moves close. Fortnite v17.50 is not far off, and it’s relied upon to be a major one as it’s the last update before Chapter 2 Season 7 at last finds some conclusion.

Early Patch Notes of Fortnite 17.50

Season 7 of Fortnite has been truly outstanding in ongoing memory. It has a lot of invigorating increases like the Mothership smaller than a normal game, and Ariana Grande show, and the hotly anticipated appearance of DC Comics symbol Superman to keep things new.

However, presently we’re only fourteen days from Season 8’s presentation, and that implies there’s the ideal opportunity for one last update to keep players occupied in the last stretch and (ideally) add the entirety of the documents required for a major finale occasion to balance the outsider storyline!

Underneath, you’ll discover all that we think about the v17.50 update up until now, including Corny Complex being stole, Kevin the Cube returning, and a lot of bug fixes to ensure things run as expected in the development to Season 7’s finale.

A commencement is relied upon to show up on Friday, September 3, like the past Rift Tour commencement. The occasion will probably bring the fight between the Imagined Order and the outsider intruders to an end.

Fortnite 17.50
Fortnite 17.50

Kevin the Cube returns in Fortnite 17.50?

All through Season 7, there have been heaps of secrets from both devs and conspicuous leakers about the arrival of Kevin the Cube, the baffling item that caused destruction back in Chapter 1 Season X.

When is Naruto skin coming to Fortnite?

We’ll need to keep a watch out when Kevin the Cube will make its hotly anticipated return, however, it will probably have something to do with the Season 7 finale. On the off chance that not, we can hope to see it toward the start of Season 8.

Fortnite Update 17.50 Release Date and Time

The 17.50 update will deliver today, i.e, Tuesday, 31 August. Tuesday has been the average update day for Fortnite this season so we see no explanation this should change now. Cuts off ought to enter vacation at, or around, 09:00 BST/04:00 EST/01:00 PST.

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