All You Need To Know About Sherlock ‘A Girl Gamer’

Here are some interesting facts and details about Sherlock.

Sherlock Girl Gamer
Sherlock used to represent SGE in PUBG Mobile

Monika ‘Sherlock’ Jeph is a girl gamer who owns a Youtube channel that has more than 120k subscribers. She is one of the finest talents in India when it comes to esports. Moreover, she used to play PUBG Mobile in her initial days but later on shifted to playing different games and entertain the audiences.

So, here are all the details including some facts that you must know about Sherlock.

All You Need To Know About Sherlock: A True Gamer

Sherlock Girl Gamer
Sherlock while streaming Valorant

As we all know that, when things are new they are tough. The same goes with esports, no one thought that one can make a carrier while playing games and streaming them. However, stepping forward there was a time when no one considered girls as good gamers. Sherlock broke the myth as she became the first girl gamer to play in the Pubg Mobile Club Open.

There was two official tournaments help previously. But it was PMCO Fall Split in 2019 when a girl gamer was featured on the stage. Sherlock appeared on the stage representing Synerge Retribution. However, she was the 5th player for the squad along with Godkill, diptej, musty, and Hitman.

Later on, Sherlock left the squad and started streaming. Currently, she has a channel of 120k subscribers on Youtube. She is a part of S8UL esports and is managed by 8-bit Creatives.

Sherlock’s Stream TimingΒ 

After the ban of India’s favorite battle royale game, she shifted to other games. Furthermore, these days she is often seen playing games like Valorant, Apex Legends, and Story Mode games. Also, fans can find Valorant montages on her channel which are too good to watch.

Sherlock streams on her Youtube channel daily with different time schedules. Moreover, BGMI fans can watch her playing in the nights mostly from 09:00 PM. Also, she streams in the daytime from 11:00 AM. But these timings are not fixed and can differ. She is close to touching the 50k mark on Instagram. So, if you’re a BGMI fan and want to support her, you must check her profile.

Sherlock is one of the most entertaining girl gamers in the community and on Youtube. But there are times when she shares the problems with a girl gamer. So, we should respect the talents like Sherlock, and despite criticizing them, we should applause for them.

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