Famous Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade Diagnosed with Cancer

Minecraft Youtuber Diagnosed with Cancer:

Minecraft Youtuber Diagnosed with Cancer: Yes, that is correct. On the 27th of August, Technoblade announced that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He said this in a video after two months. Above all, he is not exaggerating the topic of not being well.

This all started in June. He was feeling well in June when suddenly he felt a strange pain in his right arm. He decided to take a rest for some time. Believing that his body is just exhausted and needs a little rest. But the seriousness of the moment lifted when his shoulder started to swell up. He knew that something was not right and his first thought was,” I’ve broken my bone”.

He went to the hospital for a doctor’s consultation. There the doctors diagnosed him with cancer. He had bo earth beneath his feet. He then processed the information.

Explaining in his video,” at first I was completely fine mentally, but then all my positive energy drained and all that’s left was a body with negativity”.

“Cancer is not a joke”, we all think the same. Well in the case of TechnoBlade, fans are confused. Despite having a serious disease, he is seen to be making fun of his condition. In his video, he is constantly making jokes about his condition.

The YouTuber, claims to continue his work and plans to make more videos for his future projects. Although he knows that he is not physically fit, his mental strength is amazing. he keeps making jokes about circumstances. His jokes were not only on him but his health managers. He says,

“my managers thought that they can continue to milk me and can easily make money for the next 10 years and then bam! Cancer”.

Although he is taking chemotherapy and says that he is going to be fine soon. Om the other hand, his fans show so much love towards him. They keep supporting him.

Moreover, famous YouTuber Dream tweets and says that he will give a dollar whenever he and his team members will earn a coin in Minecraft for his treatment.

Dream (@dreamwastaken) Tweeted: Hope techno gets well soon.

We all hope that Famous Minecraft Youtuber TechnoBlade who is Diagnosed with Cancer gets well soon.

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