How to Get iKONIK Skin Free in Fortnite? 100% FREE

How to Get the iKONIK Skin for Free in Fortnite in 2021? Has it been removed? Can you still get the iKONIK Skin with the Scenario Fortnite? Find answers to all your questions below

iKONIK Skin Fortnite

Get Fortnite iKONIK Skin Free: iKONIK Skin is another one of the limited-time skins you can get in Fortnite. You can call it a sweaty skin, but for the people who got themselves the skin, it was quite easy to do so. We’ll cover all the details of the iKONIK Skin in detail over here. This will include whether the Skin is still in the game or not, about the iKONIK Skin and Emote in Fortnite, and if you can still redeem it or not.

How do You Get the iKONIK Skin and Emote?

ikonim skin and scenario emote
iKONIK Skin and Scenario Emote Fortnite

It is quite difficult to get your hands on this Exclusive/Limited-time skin right now. In the past, all you had to do was to get yourself any of the S10, S10+, or S10e phones and you could redeem the skin at one click. The iKONIK Skin was featured for the famous K-pop singer Jung Chanwoo.

We do have a solution for getting the skin at the end of this post. If you still want to get the iKONIK Skin and emote just follow all the steps in it.

Go to the Official link of Samsung to check about the iKONIK Skin in Fortnite. There you’ll find that Samsung has retired the skin and instead you’ll find the GLOW skin in its place. Does this mean that you can’t redeem the iKONIK Skin ever again?

Did the iKONIK Skin get Removed from Fortnite?

ikonik Skin Fortnite

Sadly, yes. Although the people who managed to claim the Skin will still be able to use it in-game. But for the people who were left out, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem very good. As mentioned above, Samsung’s official site is claiming that the skin is retired from 27th September 2019.

Samsung did this in order to introduce yet another exclusive outfit for their collaboration with Fortnite i.e the GLOW outfit. And since then they replaced iKONIK with the new outfit.

By retired of course they don’t mean it isn’t usable anymore. But it’ll not be possible to claim the Skin anymore. At least not by the means of getting a new Samsung phone. Such kinds of outfits are only available once. After the redemption time is over, you’ll no longer be able to access the skin.

This is not at all contradictory, as the work is similar to the Intel Skin in Fortnite. Further, you have to buy the product to get their exclusive collab skin.

How Much is the Skin Worth Now?

If we were to guess the worth of the skin right now, it would be somewhere between the Legendary and Rare outfits in-game currently. The worth of the iKONIK skin is not very less than some of the OG Skins in Fortnite. But if it were to make an appearance in the Fortnite Item Shop it would be anywhere around 1500 V-bucks.

This is just an estimation, it is hard to tell since most Epic Skins cost 1500 V-bucks and it is an Epic skin itself.

Is the iKONIK Skin Coming Back in 2021?

iKONIK Skin and Emote Fortnite

For instance, take the Intel Skin in Fortnite. Do you think Fortnite will be bringing it back ever? It may not even be possible to do so without taking the consent of Intel themselves. Since this skin was for promoting their product.

The same goes for iKONIK. For Fortnite to add the skin again Samsung will have to permit them to do so. Even if that isn’t the case, why would Fortnite release a Skin that is in high demand for anyone? Certainly, people would love to buy the skin but it’s not done before. And we don’t expect the same from Epic either.

Which Costumes Cost 1200 V-bucks in Fortnite?

Costumes that are worth 1200 V-bucks generally belong to the ‘Rare/Blue’ rarity. This price is usually for the outfits and can vary for the pick-axes, back-bling, gliders, wraps, etc accessories. iKONIK is an ‘Epic’ rarity.

Finally, to get the skins we have some alternatives that you can work out. From these methods, you can get the iKONIK Skin and the Scenario Emote that comes with it as well in Fortnite.

Skin Code for 2021:

If you can get really lucky you can find some free codes for the skin online as well. Although, the people who have these won’t be giving them out free of cost. So, make sure that you can actually spend on the skin if you want it as a collectible. If not, you can head to the end of the post here.

Remember that if you are caught using illegal means to get the skin it won’t turn out to be good. So, stick to the safer ways to do it. Apart from this, you can also get your own private server using Storm Launcher in Fortnite.┬áBy using a private server you will obtain all the skins you need for free and without having to spend a penny.

Fortnite Account for Sale with the iKONIK Skin:

You can get the iKONIK Skin from third-party websites where Fortnite account selling takes place (but not for free). For about 100-200$ you can get a bunch of Rare/Exclusive/Limited-time skins including this skin and a lot more like the Renegade Raider, GLOW, Black Knight, Specialist, etc.

Note: This is not recommended/promoted/affiliated to us by any means. Any purchases from your end that don’t help Epic games can be considered invalid and they might even take action against your account. Read official Guidelines before you decide to buy any skins or accounts on sale.

How to Redeem iKONIK Fortnite Skin and Scenario Emote?

Besides getting a code for the skin itself we can bring you another solution.

As we mentioned before, in order to get the iKONIK Skin and the Scenario emote in Fortnite for free you’ll have to make sure to follow all the steps in the video below. Don’t miss out on your chance to get the skin today:

Another Sweatiest Skin/OG Skin of Fortnite is the Renegade Raider Skin in Fortnite.

This is all on how to Get the iKONIK Skin and Scenario Emote for Free in Fortnite. We hope that this post helped you. If not make sure to contact us from the comments down below. We’ll try to improvise with your suggestions. Until next time!

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