What is the Weakness of Lapras in Pokemon Go?

Weakness of Lapras in Pokemon Go
Weakness of Lapras in Pokemon Go

This article will tell you about the weakness of Lapras as a Pokemon Go in the game of Pokemon Go. In both water and ice, this pokèmon can be found. Fighting, Rock, Grass, and Electric moves are all weak to it. Water Gun & Surf is Lapras’ most powerful moves, with a maximum CP of 2,641. However, the problem is that it cannot evolve.

What are the weaknesses of Lapras in Pokemon Go?

In Pokémon Go, Lapras can be a difficult Pokémon to beat. If you wish to fight it in a raid, you’ll need to bring a dependable team of Pokémon with you to ensure that you’re well-prepared to beat it.

Lapras is also used by a few players in the Great and Ultra Leagues of Pokémon Go, necessitating the usage of more powerful equipment to beat it. Just like each and every pokèmon in the game has certain weaknesses. There is also weakness in Lapras to be found.

It glides across the sea’s surface, its beautiful song echoing all around it, a wise and caring Pokémon. This cold-resistant Pokémon has no trouble crossing frozen seas. It is an essential mode of water transportation in the Alola region. In other words, it has a smooth, cool-to-the-touch skin that enjoys swimming while carrying humans on its back.

Lapras is a Pokémon of the Ice and Water types. It is vulnerable to Ghost, Dark, Electric, Fighting, Grass Bug, Steel, and fire-type attacks. But immune to Ice, ground, and Water-type attacks.

One should concentrate on Electric and Grass-type moves and Pokémon. As Grass-types are immune to Lapras’ Water-type assaults but vulnerable to any Ice-type strikes it may unleash. There are certain weaknesses of Lapras that will be shown one by one:

1) Ghost-Type Pokemons

Ghost-type Pokèmons are considered to be a weakness of Lapras. These include Pokèmons like Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Yamask, Golurk, Shuppet, and many more.

2) Electric-Type Pokèmons

These electric type pokèmons are one of the types which make the Lapras weak. Moreover, these include Magnezone, Zapdos, Raichu, Zekrom, Electivire, Geodude, and these pokèmons are the weakness of Lapras.

3) Fighting-Type Pokèmons

Fighting-type pokèmons are vulnerable and strong to most of the types. Therefore, for Lapras, fighting-type pokèmons like Mankey, Primeape, Poliwrath, Machop, Hitmonlee, Farfetch’d are a weakness.

4) Grass-Type Pokèmons

Grass-type pokèmons have the advantage over water-type pokèmons and that includes Lapras. This type of Pokèmon is also considered to be the weakness of Lapras. Pokèmons like Chikorita, Hoppip, Bayleef, Para, Parasect, Bulabsaur, and many more.

5) Fire-Type Pokèmons

Therefore, fire-type pokèmons have the advantage over water type. Fire-type pokèmons like Moltres, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Magby, Numel, Litten, and many more are the weaknesses of Lapras.

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