Valorant Mobile APK: Know Details Here

Here are all the details about Valorant Mobile APK including the release date and how to pre-registration.

Valorant Mobile APK
Valorant on Mobile

Valorant Mobile APK: Riot’s Valorant gained a lot of popularity because of its insane game mechanics. As a result, the game became one of the most played games globally in just one year. Moreover, celebrating the success of one year, the developers announced something big. They revealed that they will launch a mobile version for Valorant. But it’s been a while since the announcement and the wait is getting too long.

So, here are all the details about the mobile version of Valorant.

Valorant Mobile APK: Everything You Need To Know

Valorant Mobile APK
Early glimpse of Valorant Mobile

Riot launched a game in 2020 which was not named after the league of legends. However, the game was unique and the first time the developers rolled up a tactical shooter game. Valorant is a 5 vs 5 tactical shootout game where players have to defend or attack a site with the help of agents and their abilities.

The game marked its one year of presence and was celebrated in style. Moreover, the developers announced that mobile will be the second platform to witness Valorant. They revealed that the mobile version of Valorant is in the early stages and is being developed. The game is currently available only on PC and no other platforms. Also, there is no sign of launching the game for consoles soon.

How To Download Mobile Version

Mobile Version
A similar loading screen on Mobile?

Riot has not revealed anything yet for the mobile version of the game. However, it is speculated that the game will launch next year. Fans are eagerly waiting for it and it is expected that the mobile version will make a huge impact on the games.

However, there are several websites claiming to be giving the APK version of Valorant Mobile. Also, some of the websites are accepting the pre-registration of the game. Tap tap was one of the first apps to announce the pre-registration of Valorant. Furthermore, there are no official announcements regarding the pre-registration from Riot officials.

Recently, a similar game named Project M teased will a clip of their game. Moreover, the game looks like a clone of Valorant and everything looks similar. However, there are no comments regarding the Riot related to the game.

In short, currently, there are no APK or pre-registration available for Valorant Mobile APK. Also, it is expected to launch next year and the game is nowhere near launch.

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