Valorant Last Chance Qualifier: Everything Explained

Here are all the details about how teams will get the last chance to qualify for the VCT Champions in Valorant.

Valorant Last Chance Qualifie
Timeline of Valorant esports for the year 2021

Valorant Last Chance Qualifier: Valorant Champions Tour is the official tournament organized by Riot. Moreover, all the best teams are trying their best to make it into Champions which is the highest tier of this tournament. To qualify for Champions, teams can win the Masters, or gain circuit points. The maximum the circuit points, the highest the chance to qualify for Champions. Also, there is an APAC LCQ named tournament meaning the last chance for the Asia region.

However, there is another way to reach the masters that are Last Chance qualifiers also. So, here are all the details about the Last chance qualifiers including the format and schedule.

Valorant Last Chance Qualifier: All You Need To Know

Valorant Last Chance Qualifie
APAC region LCQ

As the name suggests the last chance qualifiers are the last opportunity for teams to make it into the champions. However, it differed region by region. For example, the VCC winning team qualifies for the last chance qualifiers. However, some top teams directly qualify for this by their previous performance. Only one team will make it into the Champions from the Last chance qualifiers.

Indian teams like Global esports, Enigma Gaming, and Velocity Gaming are currently competing for n the VCC finals. Moreover, the winning team will qualify for the last chance qualifiers. However, teams from the SEA or Japan region who failed to qualify just by one or two spots will be getting a chance to play in the APAC last chance qualifiers.

The last chance qualifier of Valorant is available for every region. Furthermore, there is a total of 4 spots from last chance qualifiers. One from EMEA, from, APAC, from NA, and from SA.

Format: APAC LCQ

Ways to qualify for Masters

A total of 8 teams qualify for the last chance qualifiers. Furthermore, four teams will play the upper round 1 whereas few top teams will directly qualify for the upper quarter-finals.

The winning teams of the last chance qualifier will confirm their slot in the Valorant Champions Tour Champions stage. Teams like Fnatic and Liquid failed to qualify for VCT Master Berlin. So, nm case they failed to qualify from Circuit points they will have to play the last chance qualifiers.

All the teams will get at least two chances to win the at chance qualifiers. Indian teams have the opportunity to qualify for APAC last chance qualifiers by winning the VCC finals.

The finals of VCC are ongoing and today Global esports will face Enigma gaming where the winning team will confirm their slot bracket matches.

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