Minecraft Basic Survival Steps to Become a Pro [Part-2]

Minecraft Basic Survival Step Part 2 is finally here. A guide for all the beginners in the game to their path for becoming a Pro inside Minecraft.

Minecraft Basic Survival Steps Part 2

This is the second part of the Minecraft Basic Survival Steps series we have started. If you haven’t read Part-1, then we highly suggest that you read that first. There are a lot of things to keep in mind while playing Minecraft like getting in a village, building your shield, and mine obsidian. In this part, we will discuss the next 5 important steps of becoming a Minecraft pro.

Minecraft Basic Survival Steps:

Step- 6: Making a Shield

minecraft shield basic survival steps
Minecraft Shield

A Shield is a very important item in Minecraft. Most players who start the game are unaware of its value. But they realize it when an Enderman or a Creeper explodes next to them and they end up losing all their possessions.

Wait, if you haven’t checked out our Part-1 of the Basic Survival Steps in Minecraft, read it before you move on to this part.

Step- 7: Crafting a Water Bucket

Only a real Minecraft Pro player knows that a Water Bucket is a greats tool or utility. It is the most underrated item in the whole game by beginners. It has numerous amount of uses such as:

  • Helps in carrying water, lava, and powdered snow(Minecraft Update 1.17).
  • It can be used to capture Marine creatures (fishes and Axolotl).
  • A water bucket is the best way to stop fall damage if placed just before hitting the ground.
  • A water bucket can be used to keep mobs away.

Step- 8: Finding a Village

minecraft village
A Village in Minecraft

A village can level up your chances of survival. A village can have great loot and villagers, which is the dream of every Minecraft player. So this is another essential part of Minecraft Basic Survival Steps for becoming a pro.

You can trade with the village and earn diamonds with XP also. They also have pre-built farms and animals. Make sure to find a village as soon as you can.

Step- 9: Obsidian

obsidian in minecraft

After you encountered diamonds and made your first diamond pickaxe, your first action should be to mine Obsidians(14 at the beginning).

Obsidians are literally a portal to another realm, “Nether”. Also, the Obsidians are used to make an Enchantment Table. And this is why it is in our list of Minecraft Basic Survival Steps.

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Step- 10: Managing your Inventory (Last of the Minecraft Basic Survival Steps)

When you start your journey, you encounter so many new. Your instincts will tell you to carry everything while going anywhere. But you have to chose what to carry and what not to. Because if you made a wrong choice. then you will end up losing very precious items. And keep this Notice: “Some of the items are so rare that they cannot be found again”.

There is much more to the game than just to Mine Obsidian, managing your inventory and getting a Village. But these steps are crucial for your growth as a Professional.

Do you know about these Secret Hotkeys in Minecraft? Do let us know in the comments section down below:

What are those rare items you ask? We will tell you in the next article. Until then, stay tuned for other updates, hacks, and news in Minecraft from us.


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Ultra gamer

I want an article like on best starting farms

Nikunj Patel

We’ll try to cover on it soon.:)

Akshit Thakur
Getting better everyday.
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