Fortnite New Update 17.40: Patch Notes and More

Fortnite just dropped the 17.40 update now. Get to know everything about the new Fortnite update today from us here.

fortnite new update 17.40

Fortnite New Update 17.40: Fortnite just dropped its new update very recently. The new Imposters mode is now enabled in the Fortnite Update Today. We’ll also tell you about the Fortnite Server Status and Downtime. Keep reading on to know more about the New Fortnite Patch Notes today on 17th August 2021.

What is in the Fortnite New Update 17.40?

This time Fortnite took about 3 hours to implement the update. However, this time Fortnite gave the Imposters teaser beforehand. And even before the update, they mentioned the Coral Buddy which is in Fortnite right now:

Apparently, there seems to be a mechanism for playing the Impostors game in Fortnite. This mechanism is really similar to Among Us in Fortnite. However, there aren’t any claims that directly point towards Among Us.

We also speculated Among Us to be in Fortnite during their teaser release on the Impostors mode.

What is the Current Status of Fortnite Servers and how long did the Downtime Last?

fortnite new update today

Currently, Fortnite servers are back up after facing approximately a downtime of 3 hours. Fortnite stopped the matchmaking as always around 8 hours ago. And they’ve just released the most recent update around 3 hours ago.

It is not a very long time but Fortnite added a lot of new things meanwhile. So, this means you’ll also be seeing newer skins, weapons, features, quests, and a lot more. Stay tuned with us for more info on the new update from Fortnite in the 17.40 patch.

Fortnite is also adding Wonder Woman soon. Check the details of Wonder Woman Cup in Fortnite here.

What does the Fortnite Update Today Include?

fortnite new update today

The Fortnite new Update (17.40) today on 17th August 2021 includes some of the major bug fixes. They have also added the Coral Buddies in Fortnite around the island. We’ll cover all the details about the update later on here.

The most crucial part is the new Impostors Mode in Fortnite. Apart from this, the Coral Castle parts are now floating in the sky and the whole island seems to be missing. There is also a new weapon by the name of Burst Pulse Rifle. Fortnite has also fixed some bugs :

  • With the Bear Hug emote
  • Regarding the Cosmic Chest (if a player from your team exits)
  • Preferred Items Slot can now hold items without putting them incorrectly

The Sneak Wild Peek and Burst Pulse Rifles are in-game but not in competitive yet. Make sure to be on the lookout for more features in-game. If you find anything new, any glitches, new weapons, skins, or missions that we have missed do let us know in the comments down below. For more covers on the Fortnite Update make sure to keep following us here.

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