All new Stellar Reunion Event in Genshin Impact : Check Details

Head on to this article to perceive the details about the all new Stellar reunion event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Stellar Reunion
Stellar Reunion Genshin Impact

A brand new event naming Stellar Reunion had recently launched in Genshin Impact that offers certain rewards and bonuses to the players with some criteria. Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding the Stellar Reunion event.

Genshin Impact is already one of the top grossing games and many players around the world enjoy playing it. Moreover, Genshin Impact keeps making additions to the game periodically at regular intervals.

Also, Genshin Impact features the addition of new features, characters, and events at certain intervals. As a result, a brand new event naming Stellar Reunion had launched recently in Genshin Impact. Therefore, here are the details about the Stellar Reunion event.

Here are the Details about the Stellar Reunion in Genshin Impact:

The Stellar Reunion is a brand new event meant to return the players to Tevyat in Genshin. This event can only be accessed by the players who have the Returnee Eligibility. Thereby, firstly players need to achieve the Returnee Eligibility.

Furthermore, in order to achieve this eligibility, players need to perform the following tasks.

  • Should attain the adventure rank 10 or more than 10.
  • Perform at least 14 days since the last log in.
  • Maintain consistency over 45 days to access the Stellar Reunion event.

By performing these circumstances, players can achieve the Returnee Eligibility. After reaching this eligibility, players can unlock the Stellar Reunion event.

The Stellar Reunion event lasts for the next 7 days from the day it is activate and features four various parts to complete. However,  any rewards left unclaimed or unearned by the end of the event will be unobtainable.

Therefore, players need to keep collecting the specific rewards in the correspondence of events. Meanwhile, the progress starts when the players activate the event.

Also, the Players attaining in Stellar Reunion can avail three extra chances to feature double drops from Petrified Trees, Blossoms of Wealth, and Blossoms of Revelation when using Original Resin for themselves.

Moreover, players can gain various rewards concluding One time Reunion rewards, Passage of time daily rewards, Homeward path quests, and more from the Stellar Reunion event in Genshin Impact!

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