How to Get Free Premium Crate in BGMI? New Trick!

how to get free premium crate in bgmi

Premium crate BGMI: A premium crate gives exclusive rewards. It is one of the best crates in BGMI. Getting it for free is quite difficult. But using this trick, you can get one free premium crate coupon. To get a free premium crate coupon in BGMI, read this article till the end.

What Is a BGMI Premium Crate?

The premium crate is one of the best crates. Although, it gives very premium quality rewards. And, the rewards are refreshed after a few days. Even so, players can do crate opening in that period of time.

Although, there is a gun skin, vehicle skin, backpack skin, backpack ornament, legendary outfit, legendary mask, mythic outfit, and mythic mask, and other common rewards. Usually, rewards get opened quite easily as compared to the classic crates.

Why Open a Premium Crate?


However, after the opening of nine crates, on the tenth crate, you get a guaranteed legendary reward. Furthermore, you get three guaranteed legendary rewards by this. After that, there is no certainty of getting a legendary item in the tenth crate. So players prefer to do crate opening of the premium crate as it gives a guaranteed legendary reward.

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BGMI Premium Crate Rewards In Current Crates

  • Mythic:┬áSunken Templer Set
  • Mythic:┬áSunken Templer Cover
  • Legendary-Cyber Brawler Set
  • Legendary-Cyber Brawler Cover
  • Legendary-Sunken Templer – M762
  • Legendary-Reef Defender – SLR
  • Legendary-Magenta Skies Backpack
  • Legendary-Alloy Conquerer Helmet
  • Legendary-Scarlet Fox – Pan
  • Legendary-Nebula Blast Grenade
  • Legendary-Scarlet Fox Set
  • Legendary-Scarlet Fox Headgear

Finally, on the opening 10 crates, you get a guaranteed legendary reward out of this. These rewards will be available for the next 13 days. After that, the rewards in a premium crate will be refreshed.

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How To Get A Free Premium Crate Coupon in BGMI?

Finally, follow the steps below to know how to get a free Premium Crate in BGMI:

Step-1: Open your BGMI and log in to your game.

Step-2: Now, in the event section, you will see a new event named Abyssal Treasure.

Step-3: Open Abyssal Treasure. Now, you will see a Lucky Draw. You can open it using Unknown Cash ( UC ).

Step-4: In Abyssal Treasure, click anywhere on the right side of the spin.

Step-5: Now, you will see a water wave on your screen.

Step-6: Tap on the water wave, now you will get a free premium crate.

So, this way, you can get a free premium crate coupon. Keep following us for further updates on BGMI, gameplay, glitches, tournaments, and much more here.

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