Low Client FPS Valorant: How To Fix It?

Many of the players suffer from the low fps issue in Valorant. Here are all the details about how to fix it and why the error occurs.

Low Client FPS Valorant
100% FPS fix

Low Client FPS Valorant: Riot launched the 5 vs 5 tactical shootout game in 2020, and made it playable for all kinds of players. Moreover, gamers with decent PC specs can also play the game. But, the game appears to be warning players for its low fps issue and error in Valorant and sometimes with a network issue. So, here are all the details about how to know your fps and fix its error in Valorant.

Low Client FPS Valorant: Why The Error Occurs

Low Client FPS Valorant error
FPS error in Valorant

Since the launch of the game, the players have had only bad experiences with its bugs. Other than that, the game seems perfect and is highly enjoyable. Furthermore, the fps error occurs mainly in low-end PCs. However, there are certain reasons behind this.

The low client fps issue pops up in Valorant on the right top of the player’s screen. Nonetheless, the error is to warn players that there might be fps fluctuations in your game. Sometimes, a similar error pops up saying network issue. However, it comes when players have a ping of more than 90 or above.

The low fps error might occur when you’re running a screen recorder in your background. Moreover, there might be another application if not the screen recorder. So, make sure to only open Valorant if you have a low-end PC. However, it might also occur due to the fullscreen optimization.

Know Your FPS ?

Valorant allows players to know their fps in the game. Players can simply turn on the fps bar from the setting to see what number of FPS they are getting in the game. Furthermore, this will help you to know whether the low client FPS is actually a legit error or it is just popping up for no reason in Valorant. Follow these steps to turn on the FPS bar:

Know FPS in Valorant
FPS setting in Valorant

Step-1: Go to Settings in Valorant

Step-2: Click on Graphic

Step-3: Click on the FPS bar, and enable it

Now, you will be able to see what number of FPS you’re getting in the game.

How To Fix Low Client FPS Error In Valorant?

As we mentioned earlier, the reason behind the error, let’s now see how to fix them.

Method 1

In case you’re using AMD software on your PC, there is an instant replay feature that is automatically enabled. Try to disable it to get better FPS.

Step-1: Go to AMD Radeon settings

Step-2: Click on Recordings

Step-3: Click on Instant replay on the left corner

Step-4: Click on off

This will surely fix your low client fps issue in Valorant. In case if you’re not using AMD software and the error is still there then follow this method

Method 2

Try to turn off the full-screen optimization in order to get high fps. You can change it from the in-game graphics section or via the file location of Valorant.

C:/ <Installed Games Folder Name> / Valorant / live / ShooterGame / Binaries / Win64 /

If nothing works, players should contact the valorant support page and ask for a solution.

Submit A Request

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