All You Need To Know About Nodwin Gaming

Nodwin gaming has stepped up to lift up the gaming scene in India. Here are all the details about it.

What is Nodwin Gaming
Nodwin Gaming

Established in 2015, Nodwin Gaming is an Indian organization that works for the nourishment of esports. In the recent few years, the team of Nodwin has given the Indian audience some great tournaments in the field of electronic sports. Moreover, as it is said that gaming is growing in India, very few know behind the scene of this growth. So, let’s know about what is Nodwin Gaming and what it contributes to the field of esports.

What is Nodwin Gaming and How Does it Works: Know Here

Know About Nodwin Gaming
An event organised by Nodwin

The esports is currently booming in India. Games like Valorant, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Apex Legends and etc are known by everyone. Moreover, one of the keys to the success of these games is their esports. The audience loves to watch esports matches and orgs like Nodwin Gaming brings up tournaments.

Recently, the organization partnered with Riot games in order to bring the professional scenario of Valorant to India. As a result, Riot introduced the Valorant Conqueror Championship for South Asian teams. Teams from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Srilanka are competing in VCC to qualify for APAC.

Before the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, its developing body Krafton invested around Rs.164 crore in Nodwin Gaming. As a result, the game is only 2 months old and one of the biggest tournaments is here for the BGMI fans.

Founders of Nodwin
Co-founder of Nodwin

Earlier, Nodwin organized tournaments of PUBG Mobile in collaboration with Tencent and PUBG Corporation. The Pubg Mobile Club Open 2020 Spring Split was one of the first tournaments of PUBG Mobile which was hosted by Nodwin officially.

Nodwin gaming also introduced ESL tournaments for CS: GO in the past. Apart from Valorant and BGMI, the orgs focus on every game like FIFA, Dota 2, and Overwatch. Moreover, they also have a Youtube channel where the matches are streamed. Also, if you want to watch interviews of you’re favourite esports players you can join the Youtube Channel of Nodwin Gaming.

Currently, Nodwin has a team of more than 100 people. Furthermore, the company has expanded its base and are now operating in different countries like South Africa, UAE and in South Asia.

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