How to Get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile? Complete Details

Follow up on this article for the details about the marathon medal and how to earn it in COD Mobile.

Marathon medal  COD Mobile
Marathon medal in COD Mobile

Recently, an all new event naming Hikers Havoc event had launched in COD Mobile and that featured to earn Marathon Medal in COD Mobile as one of its objectives. Therefore, follow up on this article for the details about Marathon Medal and how to get it.

Call of Duty Mobile is already one of the most prominent games and many players enjoy playing it. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile offers numerous features and challenges by which players keep engaged with the game.

Also, Call of Duty Mobile keeps adding new features and events to maintain consistency with the players. As a result, a brand new BR event naming Hikers Havoc event had launched recently in COD Mobile.

This event featured the charming Scout 2 Viscous Shoal character as its final reward. Meanwhile, players need to accomplish certain missions to avail this exceptional character and one of the challenges features to earn the Marathon medal.

Here’s How Players Can Get the Marathon Medal in COD Mobile:

In order to earn the Marathon medal in COD Mobile, players need to cover a distance of 2000m by sprinting in the battle royal mode. Also, players need to ensure to sprint and cover 2000m only in one single particular match.

By performing this, players can easily get the Marathon Medal in COD Mobile and can proceed to further missions on the Hikers Havoc event. Moreover, Hikers havoc event in COD Mobile features various other missions.

Here is the List of the Missions of Hikers Havoc Event in COD Mobile:

The Hikers Havoc event features six various missions and all of them are to be performed in the Battle royal mode. The event is live currently and will last for the next 15 days. Moreover, here is the list of the missions.

  • Play 3 BR Matches and get 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Travel 1500 meters in any vehicle and avail Scout Macaw and 2000 Batlle Pass XP.
  • Use the Trap Master Class Chip 10 times in BR matches and gain Medic Macaw and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Earn the Marathon Medal once and get ATV Mosaic and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Travel 2000 meters with any muscle car and avail Put in Drive ornament and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Place in the top 10 in BR matches 5 times and gain LK24 Mosaic and 4000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Place in the top 3 in BR matches 3 times and finally get the Scout 2 Viscous Shoal character and 6000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.

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