Global Esports VCC: Wins Qualifier #2, Everything Explained About VCC

Here are all the details about VCC champions Global esports and the tournament.

Global Esports VCC
SK Rossi, Hellranger, Kappa, Snrlx, Skillz, and Lighitingfast are members of the Global esports Valorant team

Global Esports VCC: The second qualifier of the Valorant Conquerors Championship for the India region has come to an end Global Esports have managed to win the event and qualify for the Finals of VCC. Moreover, the team failed to win the first qualifier as Velocity Gaming defeated them by 3-2 in the final match. Now, Velocity Gaming and Global Esports will represent India in the VCC Finals.

So, here are all the details about the event and how Global esports managed to win the second qualifiers.

Global Esports VCC Qualifier #2: Everything You Need To Know

VCC India
Global esports won the first three maps out of five to secure the win.

In the first qualifier of Valorant Conqueror Championship, Global esports failed to win the final match and finished second. However, they qualified for the wildcard rounds which gave them a second chance to qualify for the finals. But, they played in the second qualifiers and got a direct slot by winning it. Moreover, Team XO will be playing the Wildcard event and will try to become the third team to play in the VCC finals.

Global esports crushed FS esports, SUS Squad, Team 69, and Team XO to win the VCC and become champions of the event. They defeated Team 69 in the semi-finals by 2-1. All the matches were the best of three except the final which was the best of five. In the finals, Global esports defeated TeamXO by 3-0.

Match Summary

Global Esports VCC
The match was streamed on Youtube

Global esports started the game very confidently and played like champions from the first map of the VCC finals. Furthermore, they won all three maps comfortably. Here are all the details:

  • Haven

The first match was played on the Haven map where Global Esports won the match by 13-1. The match was dominated by GE players as they crushed team XO. GE only lost in the fifth round as they were attacking first. In the end, it was SK Rossi, the main man for Global esports who grabbed 21 kills in just 14 rounds of play.

Top Fragger: Sk Roosi, Global Esports ( 21 Kills With Jett)

Score: 13-1

  • Ascent

Global esports once again won a map and came to win the final match of VCC. Moreover, they won the map of Ascent by 13-9. It was a complete performance by the whole team and they outperformed Team XO.

Top Fragger: Excali, Team XO (22 Kills With Reyna)

Score: 13-9

  • Icebox

Icebox is considered one of the stronger maps for GE. Moreover, Team XO tried to make a comeback on the map but it was too late for them as Global esports won 5 back-to-back rounds from 8-10 to win the game by 13-10. It was Rossi and Skillz who showcased some insane skills to grab the most kills in the game.

Top Fragger: Sk Roosi, Global Esports (20 Kills With Jett)

Skillz, Global Esports (20 Kills with Killjoy)

Score: 13-10

What’s Next in VCC Finals?

A total of 8 teams will play in the Valorant Conquerors Championship finals. Moreover, a total of two teams from India region, and Pakistan and Afganistan qualifiers have qualified for the VCC finals. One team each from Nepal and Bhutan, Srilanka and Maldives, and Bangaladesh qualifiers.

Valorant Conquerors Championship Teams
Teams in VCC Finals

Also, one team will qualify from the wildcard and it can be from any region among these. Global esports qualified for the VCC qualifiers along with the Velocity gaming from the India region. Here is a list of teams who play in the VCC finals:

Velocity Gaming: India Qualifier #1

Salt Esports: Pakistan & Afghanistan Qualifier #1

Damaru Gaming: Nepal & Bhutan Qualifier

Crash Landin on You: Sri Lanka & Maldives Qualifier

Exceeli Esports: Bangladesh Qualifier

Team Exploit: Pakistan & Afghanistan Qualifier #2

Global Esports: India Qualifier #2

TBD: Wildcard

A total of 6 teams will play in the wildcard and the winning team will qualify for the VCC finals. The Wildcard winning team will play the Valorant Conquerors Championship finals along with the qualified teams like Salt esports, Velocity gaming, and Global esports.

What If Global Esports or Velocity Gaming Wins The VCC Finals?

Valorant Conquerors Championship India Region
It is a golden opportunity for the Indian team to play at the International level and qualify for Valorant Championship

The VCC finals will be played among 8 teams and the winning team will qualify for the APAC last chance qualifiers which stand for the Asia Pacific last chance qualifiers. The last chance qualifier is a chance for all the teams to qualify for the Valorant Champions.

The journey is going to be tough for the players as they will be competing against some of the best teams in the world. Moreover, those teams are getting more chances to qualify for the finals than our teams. The Last chance qualifiers are for those teams who fail to qualify for the Valorant Championship and had appeared in Masters.

Also, the winning team of the Valorant Conquerors Championship finals will get prize money of $16,500 USD. The runner-up will get $8,000 USD. As of now, Team Sentinels have qualified for the Valorant Championship as they won the first-ever Masters in Iceland.

The second masters are going to take place in Berlin where a total of 16 teams will compete for the spot in the Valorant Championship. Furthermore, there are three regions that will play in the APAC last chance qualifiers, Japan and Korea, Sout East Asia, and this region which includes Indian, Bangladesh, Pakistani and Srilankan teams.

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