How Long is the Rift Tour in Fortnite?: All Details Here

Fortnite brings us the Ariana Grande Live event. A lot of players are having trouble in joining so we have our guide here to help you out. Also, find out how long the Rift Tour is going to actually be.

how long is rift tour fortnite

How Long is the Rift Tour Fortnite?: Many of you might be participating in the Ariana Grande Rift Tour currently going on in the game. However, some of you might still be confused as to how to join the rift tour in Fortnite. The Fortnite Ariana Grande Live Event will last for 3 days. We’ll tell you about all its details here.

How Long is the Rift Tour in Fortnite?

Basically, this musical journey will be lasting for the players in Fortnite for 3 days. The Rift tour started its journey to magical realities back on 06/08/2021. Although, the shows’ distribution is a bit distorted.

Schedule for the whole of Ariana Grande Rift Tour:

  1. 06/08/2021-6 PM ET
  2. 07/08/2021-2 PM ET
  3. 08/08/2021-12 AM ET
  4. 08/08/2021-10 AM ET
  5. 08/08/2021-6 PM ET

Fortnite will be playing popular tracks with some of the moments from the game itself.

Also know more about the Rift Tour in Fortnite from us here.

How to Join the Rift Tour in Fortnite?

how to join rift tour fortnite

In order to join the Rift Tour in Fortnite, you have to be listening to the Ariana Grande playlist before 30 minutes. Even so, you need to be present before the event actually starts at the designated time.

Fortnite also mentions that you need to be present 60 minutes before the start of the show. This is just to ensure that all players from the globe are able to participate. However, if you miss it you’ll have to wait for the next show since there are limited seats.

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What does Fortnite Ariana Grande Live Event have for the Players in Fortnite?

Rift Tour Fortnite live event

For starters, you’ll get 4 different gifts from your participation itself. Furthermore, if you participate in the quests from the live event you’ll get additional rewards including the following:

  • Ariana Grande Outfit (including the Rift Goddess Ariana)
  • Sparkle Skull & Neon Party Trooper (Outfits)
  • Piggy Smallz (Back Bling)
  • Lil’ Floaticorn (Emote)

Fortnite Crew Bonus:

  • Rainbow Cloud Cruiser Umbrella (Glider)
  • Rift Tour-themed banner
  • Skye up High (Loading Screen)

These are the rewards you’ll get besides only participating in the Rift Tour. We hope this clears your queries about how long is the Rift Tour in Fortnite and how to join it. If you still face any problems feel free to contact us here. For more updates, latest news and quality content of Fortnite you can keep following us.

You can also visit their official site for Rift Tour to get a quick entry at the given time slots.

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