Mini Seelie Genshin Impact: All You Need to Know

The lost riches event will be live from 6 August and it will feature the mini seelies as its reward.

Mini Seelie Genshin Impact
Mini Seelie Genshin Impact

The all new Lost Riches event is about to appear very soon in the Genshin impact and it will feature the trade treasures for the Mini Seelie in Genshin. Follow up on this article for the complete details about the Mini Seelie.

Genshin Impact is already one of the most popular games and adapted by many players around the globe. Moreover, Genshin Impact delivers a top-notch realistic adventurous experience and even offers numerous features throughout the game.

Also, Genshin Impact keeps adding multiple features and events to the game periodically to maintain the engagement of players. As a result, a brand new event naming Lost Riches event is about to launch soon in Genshin Impact and it concludes four exceptional pets called Mini Seelie as a reward.

This event had earlier been addressed by the developers during the Genshin Impact 2.0 Special Programme. Moreover, this event had also launched earlier, and this time it’s back again with a new Viola Seelie pet. While the rest three have retained.

The Four little adorable pets naming Curcuma, Dayflower, Rosé, and Viola feature in four different types and vary from each other. The notable difference between them is their color pallets as Curcuma is Gold, Dayflower is blue, Rosé is pink, while Viola is purple. Players can gain these charming pets from the Lost riches event.

Here’s How Players can Unlock the Mini Seelie in Genshin Impact:

Players can unlock these four enchanting pets called Mini Seelie by the Lost Riches event. The Lost Riches event will be live from 6 August and will last till 20 August. Players need to explore the map of Inazuma and collect the event currency as much as players can find.

The event currency is the icon coins that players need to collect from the map. Further, players can obtain Mini Seelie pets by exchanging these icon coins from the event.

Meanwhile, players must be at adventure rank 30 and require to complete the Ritou Escape Plan quest to unlock Lost Riches. Moreover, players can gain the following items by exchanging the icon coins in the event.

  •  Curcuma: 280 iron coins – Mini Seelie 
  • Dayflower: 280 iron coins – Mini Seelie 
  • Rosé: 280 iron coins – Mini Seelie 
  • Viola: 280 iron coins – Mini Seelie 
  • Primogems: 80 iron coins
  • Hero’s Wit: 8 iron coins
  • Mora: 8 iron coins
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore: 4 iron coins

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