Razor Genshin Impact: The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide for using Razor in Genshin Impact. Find out why Razor is worthy of being a 5-star electro character. And more about him here!

Razor Genshin Impact
Let’s know more about Razor

Razor Genshin Impact: All of us know the Best, good and decent characters of Genshin Impact. But there are few that actually come under the category of being worthy of a 5-star. One of these characters is Razor. Let’s know more about Razor, how tall he is, how old is he, and the best build for him in Genshin Impact.

Razor Genshin Impact: The 5-Star Half-human and Half-Wolf

5-Star Half-human and Half-Wolf
Why is Razor a 5-star character?

In our opinion, Razor is actually a dominating 5-star character. Andrius raised Razor after he was abandoned as an infant. That’s precisely why we see Razor having so much affection towards wolves.

He was raised by a wolf and lived among them as well. It was all in Wolvendom of Genshin Impact. And like most wolves, his home is nature. His instincts and survival abilities are close to that of wolves and he makes his ends meet with his pack with them.

As a character, he is a 5-star character and totally worthy of it. Being an electro claymore wielder, Razor really can outdo a lot of electro characters in Genshin Impact.

You’ll also be able to see him at a good spot in our Genshin Impact 2.0 Character Tier list.

More Details on the Half-Human, Half-Wolf:

How tall is Razor in Genshin impact
What is the height of Razor in Genshin Impact?

Razor is a very young character that stays with the wolves almost all the time. Although he might seem a bit naïve he can still be one of the best DPS characters in-game. If you’re wondering how old he is, he’s only 16.

Even though, Razor is only 16 his height is 5’5″. This is how tall Razor is in Genshin Impact.

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Razor Genshin Impact Best Build:

So, if you really love Razor by now. Despite his ingenuity, he can be a really fun character to play with. Especially his elemental skills which are so quick to charge. The primary skill can be easily rechargeable in a few seconds while his ultimate gets charged up decently fast as well.

Not to mention his claymore helps him so much more to build damage and help his ultimate charge up. The best build for him will be with a Pyro, Cryo or Hydro. Although all of these can help you can go back to our tier list and see which characters would be the best from the above.

For instance, Barbara works a charm as a healer, support and will also help Razor enhance his elemental abilities in Genshin Impact. You can use him with a great character (for Pyro) like Bennett or Diluc as well. Ganyu is another usable character in your team with Razor.

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So, Why is Razor a 5-Star ‘Worthy’ Character?

How old is Razor from Genshin Impact
Is Razor a worthy character?

According to us, there are multiple reasons behind Razor being a worthy 5-star character in Genshin Impact. We will try to mention some of them here:

  • Flexibility: You can use him with so many different characters together.
  • Elemental skills: His skills are top tier and can recharge really quickly. This can help you just spam them for tougher enemies.
  • Ascension: His ascension will not require items too hard to find. You will have to just hoarde the Wolfhooks and Vajrada Amethyst fragments.
  • Talents: Steel Fang, Claw, and Thunder, Lightning Fang, Awakening, Hunger, Wolvensprint all these talents boost his abilities beyond imagination.
  • Claymore: Overall, the claymore is a dominating weapon and enhances the abilities of so many characters (like Diluc).

This was all about the Razor Genshin Impact guide. We hope that this helped you find why you should be using him. For more Genshin Impact updates and the latest news, you can keep following us here.

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