Free Fire OB29 Update Date & Time Revealed

Free Fire has become one of the most successful games in recent days. Garena always brings positive updates to the audience. After the major success of OB 28 Update, Free Fire has decided to launch Free Fire OB29 Update. We will discuss all the details about it.

Free Fire Update
Free Fire OB29 Update

We can expect the official updates very soon. This update is a result of major success in OB28 Update. As we got a sneak peek about some contents on the advance server. Recently, it came to an end. We can ensure that the gamers are waiting eagerly.

What is Free Fire OB29 Update?

Basically, it is the latest update of Free Fire. Here, it includes so many features like a new pet, a weapon, characters, and any other improvements. There are so many speculations about this update. So, we have to wait & see.

Fee Fire OB29 Date & Time Revealed:

If everything goes as per schedule, we can expect the official announcements within the next 7 days. there is a chance that we can see updates on August 4th. This date is rumored on the fact of the Clash Squad Ranked Season 7 is about to end on August 5th. So, we might expect patches on august 5th.

Other Details We Need to Know:

There will be a huge possibility that Garena might take the servers down for maintenance for a few hours. They always do with the Free Fire updates. The Players will be unable to access the game during the maintenance. The users will receive an error message from the system at this time.

According to the previous few patches, the users can expect a maintenance break from around 9:25 a.m. IST (GMT +5:30) and end around 6:10 p.m. IST (GMT +5:30). However, The Updates usually start rolling out for a few hours into the break. Therefore, Free Fire OB29 Update can be released around 10:00 am –12:00 p.m. IST (GMT +5:30).

However, even after updating the Free Fire game, Players can’t access it until the end of maintenance. So, these are some basic things you need to know. Hope you get all the updates. You can get about these more in the next articles.

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